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bought to light up a blunt what should i do after?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by +AVA-182_Racer, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. bought to blaze up a blunt after a long day of work...already ate so don't wanna just bake and eat...wanna do some'n fun/entertaining...what does everyone do after blazing if you're alone?
  2. I usually just watch tv.

    Lately i've been watching dragon ball z, and man, is that show awesome whilst high.
  3. ^fuck dragonball z

    but real talk, chill with a ***** that also likes Blink and listen through Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (including the 6 bonus tracks) and proceed to be awestricken as you're ears pick up the true beauty

    or, find a hot bitch, smoke with her and proceed to fuck

    Blink's my favorite band of all time, +rep
  4. misc,fap,eat,sleep, music and video games :)
  5. super blazed, thanks griff!
  6. Read a book, a novel by Saul Bellow or some far out universe chronicle by Asimov!
  7. When i'm really stoned i get naked and just...Chill.

    Like how often do you get the chance to chill naked, really. Let it all hang out, stoned out of your mind and just be yourself.
  8. Dance naked in front of your pets...
    But really just watch family guy...
  9. I vote to go naked!! bee freee!!!!:hippie:
  10. Modern Warfare 2 or watch trippy movies or if you wanna get outta the house go on a walk in the woods or something i like doin that makes me feel calm with nature
  11. play some xbox or css its fun as hell lol, or just go oldschool and watch cartoons or cool movies, whatever your into when your not high is just even funner when your high have fun :smoke:
  12. If Im by myself and im stoned, I like to go to Reed College and just walk around or smoke a swisher. (They have an amazing campus that is even greater at night whilst stoned.)
    Or sometimes ill go to my nearest glass shop and just browse. Sometimes ill buy something, sometimes i wont.
  13. Bro, I get blazed and watch Planet earth its sooooo fucking chill watching lions and shit eat Gazels and shit and seeing the inside of the largest cave that man knows about ...

    amazing its all i can say OOO and the ocean life is crazy if you can get it on blu-ray it will cost like 75$ BUT ITS WORTH IT i sware :smoke:

  14. Word i agree i have Planet Earth and Blue Planet and both are just amazing i watch them for hours on end. I just recently got the worlds most amazing events which is basically the same thing just different animals and stuff and there is nothing better than watching it on the big screen with surround sound while sitting on a comfortable couch.

    Also history channel just has come amazing shit.
  15. Eat some dank food
  16. Listen to some drum n bass
  17. Family Guy :D

    I usually try to mix up what I do if I'm blazing alone. Sober me hates to take walks but I really enjoy them after a bowl or 2
  18. I like walking around and exploring. Find a place in walking distance and go there. I've taken many a trips to the local library, you're bound to find a book that peaks your interest.
  19. watch tv, xbox, driving, basically anything you feel like doing at the time. I hate boring highs though, so just make sure you have a few things to do after you smoke

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