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bought some weird weed...laced?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by yinyang, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. i got some weed a few days ago and it looked perfectly normal. but when i smoked it urgh!:(
    it tasted so chemical and burned like it had coke in it. (always going out, always had runs)
    i actually had an oz of this stuff and sold some. everyone told me the same thing but at least it still got us high.
    wtf is wrong with this stuff? is it laced? sprayed? or was it not flushed properly?
    weirdest weed ever!
  2. If it was laced you would definetely not be questioning if it were or not. Trust me, u'd know for sure. Sounds like your dealer decided to chince out a bit and sprayed the weed with something to weighten up the buds.
  3. Yea its either that or its some nasty beast from the east.
  4. i smoked some roaches out of a new pipe i just got. The roaches werent mine they were someones who is around coke alot but i smoked some of the bud that was in the roaches by itself n i was normally high. Then i smoked the roaches with 2 of my friends that have smoked weed with coke. They got high off of the roaches but not like i did. After my like 3 hits of the roaches i felt like i was too high but this has only happened one other time about 2 years ago. Everything started getting really blurry and i was loosing my hearing n was sweating really bad for about 3 minutes so i sat down and drank some liquids n it went away after about another 10 minutes but it was crazy i thought it was laced but i asked my friends and they said it wasnt and they wouldnt lie. I have no idea why i got so high.

    By the way the weed tasted wierd also kind of like a pine taste. The pipe is a chillum so maybe the resin just completely fucked me over cus all of the smoke goes straight into your mouth cus we were getting big hits but this whole year ive been smoking dank everyday so it wasnt inexpirience.
  5. dont worry you would know if your buds were laced, I think you just got some mids.
  6. that just sounds like some bud that wasnt flushed properly laced bud will give you a very intense uneasy high, usually the smell will give it away if it smells like bleach or just weed that doesnt smell like normall weed then it wasnt flush'ed prop the only thing u can do is not smoke as much to lessen the taste or try my methode of ridding bad taste, get some kinda sweat tasting fruite that isnt overpowering like blue barries squeez the juice out and mix it with your weed , carefull not to overflood it though just like a tea spoon for lets say 2-3 grams that is cutt up super fine, and if you added too much just grab your desk lamp and put it right over top and just keep mixing the weed until its dry enough to smoke it may feel super sticky and u definatly need to smoke all of it that day(no more then two) or it will grow mould. but thats my solution anyways
    :D :D

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