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  1. I just bought a couple Os and i broke open a couple bugs and noticed a little orange bug in the bug and some sticky silky webbing. Most of what I found is that they are "bud worms" or baby catepillers, seeing as I am just the buyer, I just want to make sure that once I break all my bud down and confirm that there are no more worms or silk, is the bud safe to smoke?
  2. smoke them lil orange F**kers up
    they're FULLLLL of thc they ate all the crystals off your nugs and they're sittin in his belly waitin to be burntttt

    juss kiddin

    that sucks i dont know but i sure hope theyre aint no bugs when i pull my plants
  3. sounds to me that the bud has spider mites, and its probably recentlly harvested as well if they are still alive making webs on the smoke. It wont hurt you to smoke it so long as bug guts being burnt and inhaled dosent repulse you.
    If it does look up how to make hash oil with the pot to keep it from being wasted, In my opinion its a better buzz anyways but it goes a bit faster
  4. sounds to me like you don't know shit about growing.... spider mites make little dots on the leaves and are really small but can be seen with a magnifying glass.
  5. these are bud worms, break the bud apart and pull the silky web out and find the worm
  6. no, spider mites have legs, and resemble spiders.

  7. How dry were the buds? Were the worms still alive?
  8. wen i was in highschool sum kids wer talkin about smokin little caterpiler bugs they would rollem in the blunts, said they found em in the nugs ............. fuckin gross, smokin em
  9. Shit I'd take that shit back n make the fucker gimme my money back...course I wouldn't have bought bud off someone else in the first place...home grown is best :D
  10. i wouldn;t but some of it might be ok, your correct on ur diagnosis , id seek a refund, those buds is wormy man com on how could they say no
  11. Searching for bud-worm info... if any. Can't find pix of these worms anywhere, which tends to make me a non-believer.

    I think the web-weaving on the under-side of leaves is from spider-mites. I had mites on my first grow and remember seeing those webs on every infected plant. Unsure if WORMS can weave a web? Maybe a cacoon inside the bud, but why would a worm weave a web? Pfffft... webs are from the spider-mites.

    Could an experienced grower OR a knowledgable GC-member please share some info on these mysterious bud-worms? Are they meal-worms? Do they even exist?
  12. doesnt matter what is it
    find the thing and hot knives the bastard

    then enjoy your stash :)
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    Budworms. Very common in the South, got on my Persimmon this year

    The Informal Gardener: Budworm
    Make a little fuzzy coccoon, curl the plant up around them.

    The worms start out rather small, the pics in this article are of the mature ones. I'd say they are less than 1/2 inch long when the start spinning their webs.
  14. This is the first time I've been unable to find the info I'm searching for here at GrassCity.... thank-you for solving this riddle (+ rep). Saw a few posts about bud-worms, but they were mostly joking around... made em' sound like a myth.

    Now if we could just get a doctor's opinion on the health issues involved with smoking bud-worms, we'd have all the answers.

    Silly thought... There's almost a 1/4 million members here at GC. What are the chances that ONE of them is a stoner-doctor? (pretty slim... heh)
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    Bud Worm also have legs, in matter of fact its 8 legs.

    Yes Bud Worm exist, its not Tomato worm its not Tobacco Worm, it's Spodotera exigua also known like a Bud Worm.
    There is any type of color mix, brownish, green-brownish, orange-green, pure green but all have two dark line on the side, of they body, also very very strong squeezers on their "ass". Color depends of type of SE and region.
    Pain in the ass bug.
    @forgot2wipe, just type in the search Spodotera Exigua and you will find enough info about it.

    It is probably outdoor bud, more less its normal to some buds contains some bugs ... its growth in the nature not in the growing room.
    Remove web / worm and enjoy in the buds.

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