Bought some new shit want to if it's dank or mids? Or worse?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by LexiBeSmoking, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. I live in the Mid-West and I just bought a 1.3 of this stuff for $20 is it mids or dank? Any comments or opinions welcome and did I get a good bad deal in your opinion? It's smells like very faint skunk skunk and like piney or lemony.

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  2. Dude throw that shit out... it has mold on it....
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  3. Damn, either you got ripped off or the Midwest is fucking expensive as hell.

    10 a G is normal for us in the west coast.(Arizona)

    Lighting on the pic is shitty, but it looks decent man. I'd call it mid leaning towards dank.

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  4. 20 a gram is going rate where I live. Whether or not it's worth it, is up to the person smoking it. I don't see mold either so beware of trolls. Pic is hard to see though

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  5. Can't really if it's dank or not but I'd say it looks find, and ouch $20 is expensive for a gram, but hey we all have to smoke right? Not a bad price if its the going rate in your area
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  6. Open your eyes. Those tiny white specs are mold... I can see it perfectly on my screen.
  7. That is too dark to be dank.

    I would say it is nicely trimmed mids.
  8. Thar be seeds in that i can see one of the calyx swelled with a seed thems be the mids *quivers*
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  9. Not on my screen. They look like light reflecting off trichomes or something...picture is way too blurry to truly tell but I'd doubt it's mold.

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  10. Just want to point out i took that photo saved it and enlarged it, all those are is Trics shimmering in the light, get a little more experience before you call mold on something. Mold doesnt shimmer.
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  11. Dammnnnmm lol. Knew I was right. Thanks for clarifying.

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  12. But by all rights those are mids cause you cant classify nugs as Dank or High grade if it isint sinsemilla aka has no seeds.
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  13. My guess is it has an earthy flavor...and probably at the mid range. High should be enough. Hate the pricing of weed these days.

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