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bought pipe thats had coke go through it..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ripdatshit, May 24, 2010.

  1. so the other day i picked up a pretty sick piece. it was pretty resonated, so i decieded to clean it before a smoked. i scraped it, let it sit in reallyy hot water, then put it in a bag with kosher salt, and hot water, shook it. and it looked brand new. except the people who had it before me would snow cap a bunch of bowls. do you think this thing is safe to smoke out of after i cleaned it?
  2. yep if your still nervous clean it again...or 3 times if you or more i dont know but once should be enough.
  3. If its spotless clean i doubt anythign would be wrong with it. Its not like the coke was infused into the glass
  4. yeah well i cleaned it pretty good. im guessing the resin isnt safe to smoke? haha

  5. sure its safe...why wouldn't it be? it'll just taste like shit, you know?
  6. I'm not too educated on coke, but the amount in the resin is probably very small. I personally wouldn't smoke it, but do whatever you want. I'd see if the people you bought the bowl from want it instead of just throwing it out.

    And the glass is fine to use after you cleaned it. No worries there.
  7. I think you'll be fine.. throw that res away though
  8. alright thanks for the replies!:wave:
  9. Dang if i was you i wouldnt feel safe smoking from that shit ever. Idk why
  10. dudeyour really worrying about a tiny tiny bit of coke maybe somewhere in your bowl?
    ive smoke a 4g blunt (in paper obv) with a g of coke in it...
    now that was fucked up , but like i said you will smoke none of it..

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