Bought New Glass Stem W/ Bowl - Can I Smoke W/ Plastic Bottle?

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    hi all!
    I just purchased a new glass stem with cp/bowl attachment from my local headshop.
    My easiest option of course is to smoke out of a gatorade bottle - are there any other better options than this, that I can construct a decent bong with?
    Is it ok to smoke out of plastic bottles? the glass stem is about 3 inches from the bottle, as is the flame when lighting it. I only use it occasionally, like once a month. is this ok?
    kind regards

  2. Yeah you'll be fine. I'd be more worried about drinking from a plastic bottle than smoking with one.
  3. You'll be fine as long as you use a temp safe bonding agent.
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    oh, awesome. what would you recommend? blu-tac? Aluminium foil? I've used blutac before.
  5. I use JB Weld to seal anything but that's permenant so if you want to take it out and use it on another bottle you can't. You can use epoxy or gorilla glue as long as it's not within a few inches from the bowl.
  6. You could go for a grommet setup. Buy a bunch of grommets that fit the stem at your local hardware store, then every time you make a homemade, just cut/melt/drill a hole in it that fits your grommets. Way easier and not permanent.
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