Bought Myself an Expensive New Grinder! Pics

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by iwantaroor, May 11, 2010.

  1. Today is my birthday so I bought myself a new grinder. Its a titanium space case and it cost more than my bong haha. After trying it out on some sticky dank, I must say that it is fantastic. Should be the last grinder I ever buy so I am happy. Thanks for looking!

  2. Nice, but you'll never buy another grinder again? We'll see, you'll be collectin in no time! :p How much?
  3. Yea that Space Case will last forever if you treat it right. Did you clean it first before using it?
    Happy birthday btw
  4. awesome man! thats the exact grinder I want to get...pretty much the cadillac of grinders.
  5. Yea Im hoping that it lasts forever. Ill take good care of it. It cost me $94.99. I could have saved like 10 bucks by buying it on ebay, but I like to see it first. Was I supposed to clean it? Oops. Im still alive so thats a good sign.
  6. I have that same grinder in silver, it's really nice. I prefer the look of the black though.
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    Yea dude you should go ahead and give it a good cleaning before you let the keif build up. You wouldn't eat from a new plate that was never washed would you? Same applies to anything going into your body. Grind up some paper/tobacco then empty that then wash it with alcohol(a clean toothbrush can help hard to reach places) and rinse really well and let it air dry. You don't know what types if chemicals, oils, particles, dusts, pieces of metal, ect were left after the manufacturing process.

    I really rely like that grinder, I have a titanium 2 piece Space Case but no keif :(
  8. ^^^
    Good call NYCdeisel. Too be honest I didnt even think about it. Ive been on mars all day. After I kill this bud Im gonna clean it. Thanks for the info.
  9. Your grinder is interesting (from what I've seen) in that it's deeper black than any of the titanium space cases I've seen, mine included. Mine and all that I've seen are a really deep purplish color.
  10. No problem man, just lookin out for my fellow blades. :)
    You probably think this is overkill but I think it's a good idea to clean the bowl you smoked from as well. Since you used weed ground in an uncleaned grinder.
  11. Sick pick up. Got the same one only I wish mine still looked that clean and shinny.:cool: It will last you forever too, had mine for 9 years now. Enjoy!
  12. Nice buy. I love mine and I'm sure you'll love yours for a lifetime. Take care of that thing!
  13. that's gorgeous. i have same size space case but not Ti or magnetized. I wish i had gotten the Ti they look so nice. Happy Bday btw
  14. Throughly wash in ISO ALCOHOL & SALT!!!!

    do this now before building up anything
  15. Ok the grinder and my bong have thoroughly cleaned. Lesson learned. Thanks for the comments and birthday wishes everyone!! I appreciate it.

  16. Awesome!,

    great grinder btw, general tip anytime you get anything new, do a thorough iso/salt wash before use. :)

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