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bought my first piece today-didnt go well at all

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Eleven Blocked, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. #1 Eleven Blocked, Feb 22, 2009
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    first post whats up.

    i have been smoking pretty frequently since i graduated from college and have had more time. I have just used homemade pipes everytime i needed to, with success. but i have been going thru a bit of a dry spell lately so i dont have much product left...i went to the party store downtown today and picked up a nice bowl.

    its glass, has a lizard on the top carved out and is all clear with swirls of color in it mainly blue with a bit of green and red. the woman put it on a black cloth and showed me how it would change colors....turns into a bit of a blue hue.

    i packed what i had into it and on the first pull try i didnt get anything but smoke out the top into the air and some pieces in my smoke. i noticed the flame went into the carb on the side (like it touched the pot and as i pulled it rolled into the carb) when i covered the carb to try and pull the fire didnt go anywhere and slightly burnt my finger.

    i said wtf and got a bic pen and pushed it down more..tried another pull and nothing.

    i said now calm down to myself and i inspected the cracks or anything since i brought it home...carb on the side mouth hole. place to put the pot... that all there should be.

    i ended up scorching some and just scraping it out and using my old apparatus which was perfect.

    in the end i was pissed off my 50 bucks today didnt get me any higher....

    what the hell went wrong?

    i feel so dumb posting this....ive smoked maybe 100 times in my life and it was all bubbler/joint. i never packed a bowl but smoking one isnt rocket science.....
  2. oh and if it matters the place i bought it from has been there since the 70's all the bands that come for concerts here stop and take pictures with the guys i thought it was reputable...

    only thing i can think of is that they recently moved to another store because of a fire...but that was a few months ago.

    i didnt get a defective product did i?
  3. maybe post some close up pics so we can see the bowl to help sounds defective the way you describe it
  4. i dont really understand this.

    you said you covered the carb, and if you're inhaling, the flame should be drawn into the bowl towards where you are sucking.

    just doesnt sound right, but idk, could be a defect or something.
  5. As said above, there's no reason it should be doing that if you're covering the carb. Don't pack it too tight :)
  6. Uh I think you packed it too tight and or the bowl is clogged at the hole in the bottom. Get a pipe cleaner or something small to clear out the bowl.
  7. stole my idea and went 4 minutes into the future
  8. yea when i cleaned it with a small electronics screwdrier i really had to pry a small sticky piece out. ill take pics now and post in a few minutes.
  9. agreed, just clean the bowl and try again. make sure your session is busted up nicely, and don't pack it too tight. make sure you can pull air through before you pack the bowl and after before you light it.

    don't force anything, and most of all... enjoy yourself and your new bowl. give it a name once you get it workin :) .
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    Without any weed in it, cover the carb and breathe through the mouth piece like you would normally. While inhaling, cover the bowl with your thumb. No air should get through when you do this, when you cover the bowl the air should stop flowing through the piece. If it is flowing try blowing out through it with the carb and bowl covered to isolate where the problem is. If there is no airflow when both holes are covered then it was something that you did wrong that time, such as the bowl was blocked as others have suggested.
  11. def. sounds clogged to
  12. sry i said id post pics and i intended too but i couldnt find my camera cord. had to run to wally world after work today.

    here are the best pics i could get.







  13. Nice lookin piece first of all :)

    Second, can't tell if it is clogged without a closeup of the bowl itself. But before you post any more pics, why don't you follow some of the advice that has been given already. Try and clean the bowl gently, use q-tips if you need to poke anything lol. Once your done cleaning it, make sure you can pull air through with and without the carb covered. When you load a new bowl, make sure it is busted up well but not into powder.... don't pack it too tight as you still want to be able to pull air through the bud. Once it is loaded, make sure that you can still pull air through. Light your lighter and edge around that green surface for your first hit :D Take it easy, not too much and hold it in as long as you can. Exhale, and savor the flavor!!!
  14. [​IMG]



    i dont have anything else to pack it with im completely out...i mean i could try a black n mild...thats about all i have

  15. As far as i can see, it's pretty clean bro. Are you able to pull air through it with the carb covered?
  16. no offense, i think u might just not kno how to smoke it?

    ive seen plenty of ppl who say they smoke but cant light a bowl for shit

  17. If you read the original post, thats the entire reason he is posting. He isn't sure and is asking for help.
  18. Try packing it really lightly and see if you can pull through, if you can just take a few short puffs to get a cherry going.
  19. One of the complaints I have about small spoons like that is it seems the bigger you pack the bowl, the harder it is to get it to cherry, unlike with a bong. What I do is just pack little snapper type bowls, a nice pinch that will cash in maybe 2-3 hits. Hope that helps. Also sometimes its possible to put such a perfectly size nug in the bowl to clog the hole almost completely, that might have been the problem.

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