bought my first bubbler today

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  1. so as the title says, i bought my first bubbler today. i went into the shop planning on getting a glass chillum but i saw that bubblers were on sale for only a few bucks more. i'd never even smoked out of one before but decided "what the hell" and got one of those instead and so far it's looking like a great decision. hits so smoothly. likely to become my new favorite piece (of the ones i own anyway). working on getting my camera set up so i can post pics. it's nothing fancy or insane but for $20 i think it's pretty tight
  2. Cool stuff. I'm sure you will get some responses when you get pics up.
  3. Nice man, get some pictures up.

  4. tomorrow. lost the cord that hooks the cam to the computer, gotta buy a new one in the morning. stoked
  5. bubblers are a great investment. i got one 6 months ago and i can honestly i can say it was worth every cent. i only use my sppon if im gonna go out or smoke a very little. and it gets you higher than a spoon imo. i normally either smoke out of my bubbler or blunt. Those are my two preferred methods
  6. :smoke:pics or go home
  7. No Pix
    No Pruf
    NO TRUF!!!

    Is that supposed to be a play on ProfessorOAK? Because if so I love you for coming up with such an awesome Pokemon-Weed reference

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