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Bought "hash" got "this"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BullBud, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Sorry OP, you got what you paid for.

    Stop handing people your money without satisfaction. If you don't know what it is, it's YOUR gamble.

    You lost the last one.
  2. he was probably referring to the weed as "hash". some people, especially new smokers, call weed hash. thats weed though.
  3. Hahaha yup as everyones said that is a dense bud that's it, no hash. Good thing he's refunding you many dealers(atleast where i live) would never even talk to you again if you said something negative about their stuff
  4. That sucks man. That's not hash at all. Read this it will cheer you up. Maybe I'm just really stoned and work at WalMart part time to pay for college. Nah. I don't go to college. College is for pussies. So is Wal Mart. I'm getting hungry over here. I could go for some pizza or tacos. Maybe I'll go to Taco Bell, grab a few quesadillas, order up a pizza and find some way to ingeniously combine the two so anatically correct that one mere bite would cause orgasmic waves of pleasure to thrust through your taste buds for 25 minutes exactly. I'm talking fucking physically taking the pizza and smashing it's flavor into the quesadilla. How can this be achieved you ask. Nobody knows. No one will ever know. That reminds me did, did you see the remote? I was watching Swamp People but a commercial came on. I hate commercials. So where's my remote dude? I found it. It was in my hand. Just kidding it was inside of a bananna peel.
  5. I hear ya' man!:smoke:
  6. Some people think weed is hash. It isn't. Definitely weed bro.
  7. calzone?
  8. Dude shouldn't even be dealing if he doesn't know the difference between hash n nugs...

  9. Whatchu talking bout arnold? :p
  10. I messaged him about it like i aske if he lives in or near Thousand Oaks and he asked why becuse i probobly (sp?) sound like a creep asking but i said i know someone who kinda goes by that name haha

  11. Washing machines live longer with calgon :smoke:
  12. Clearly not hash.
  13. In my town OP would have been lucky to get green instead of what goes around as "hash".
  14. As a finisher I ended up getting a refund and he had a friend stop by and pick it up. His friend ended up putting keif on the top and smoking me out with it. Was magnificent.
  15. It's just weed, and not even good weed. That's mids.
  16. Hashish... Slang for weed. He could be too lazy to finish the word.
  17. [quote name='"Shirogane7"']Hashish... Slang for weed. He could be too lazy to finish the word.[/quote]

    Hashish isn't slang for weed
  18. 20/G in California? Based on what I've seen here.. you are doing it COMPLETELY wrong. And that is marijuana, not hash.

    No no no no no no no
  19. yeah man you got ripped off. all hash is, is the crystals on the weed. basically all the thc crystals are removed from the bud. it feels hard because crystals are hard. some people compress it into circles or disks and some just leave it in uneven globs. but no matter what when you smoke hash, it should literally melt. almost like an oil or something. if it aint meltin and sticky after a few puffs it definately aint hash. well atleast not any kind of hash ive seen made or heard of. sorry bout your luck =( dont go through that guy anymore.
  20. I'm arabic. It's my language. I would know. Hashish is arabic for weed. Hash is arabic for hash.

    It's just how it is. And being that the middle east is one of the biggest producers of hash, the two words could have easily been misunderstood in translation. Just an opinion though, the dealer could have just been a douche.

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