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Bought glass screen, got "freak-out" high - ?!?!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 1sttimegrower, Mar 21, 2012.

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    So really I'm posting this to see if anyone else has experienced this. Yesterday I bought 3 glass screens from a local headshop; aside from the BS price, I was pretty pleased with the 6 pointed jack shape.

    That night I swapped out the screen in my bowl, popped one of these new ones in, and smoked 3 small bowls of my homegrown. Went to bed, closed my eyes, felt great and thought everything was good and I'd drift off into a nice sleep; and then I started hearing voices.

    That's when I realized something was up. I sat up as the normal "high" feeling began to slowly build into something else. I grabbed some water and something to eat, thinking it may help (does when I'm uncomfortably high); it didn't. When standing I'd have about a minute before I started to black out; I had to freaking lay down for a good 5 minutes before I'd get my vision back. As the intensity began to build I got a constant ringing in my ears. I had this pressure surrounding my body unlike anything I've felt from bud before. My heart beat was SLOW - this is what really freaked me out, as my heart should have been pounding.

    At first I thought maybe I got some residual salvia from scraping around the resin (The last time I smoked this was 8 months ago though..) from my bowl; then I realized I bought this bowl AFTER the last time I smoked salvia. I don't KNOW if there was anything on the screen or what; I'm a daily toker but that day I hadn't smoked anything for almost a full 24 hours by the time I went to bed and then I took 3 bowls. It could just be I got too high; but my heartbeat was too slow.

    Summed : Bought a glass screen, smoked using it, got a scary strong high, pissed at headshop for "poisoning" me

    Trying the same thing tonight using a different bowl and my old screen and 5 snappers to see if it was just that I got too high.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. You greened out you smoked a lot and probably a little paranoid about the glass screen it happens t break time thats what helps me
  3. Same thing on a vaporizer. Sounded like a car horn in my ear and I couldn't see
  4. @blackholeslam What? I already take scheduled t-breaks, and I don't think lowering my tolerance would help with greening out haha. Or is what I understand as greening out wrong?(greening = too high?) The one time I got too high I had a really fast heartbeat along with dizzyness, but no blacking-out which is why I didn't think that this was the same.

    I've been thinking its just that I smoked too much, but I don't understand how I could have greened out though; I normally vape with bud and BHO so the THC hitting my system is much higher than what was in what I smoked last night.
  5. Being the strange man I am(youll see) Ill drop in my 2 cents lol I would propose it might have been a paranormal entity that tried to manifest itself and drawed upon your energy which can explain why you felt very strange, had weird sensations, blacked out, had pressure In your head/body. Wikipedia para normal manifestations it might explain it there. Otherwise watch ghost adventures,ghost hunters or ghost lab,they explain it also. IMO ghost adventures is the best finds most evidence. It Could have been anything that caused what happened though..
  6. I'm saying this also cuz you mentioned you heard voices when you were trying to sleep.
  7. ^haha, that was the first thing to run through my head while I was still in bed. If believing in the paranormal is strange, then I'm in the same boat as you. But today, after the crazy trip, I discredited it; who knows though, its narcissistic to think we know EVERYTHING about the universe.
  8. Hahaha well I didn't know you were a believer lol theres lots of skeptics lol it sounds reasonable because many times when the ghost adventures crew captures spirit orbs or EVPs they always feel a sense of uneasyness, dizzyness, lightheadedness, their heads hurt. Maybe man maybe lol have you performed the snapper experiment yet? Lol
  9. Nah; I was waiting until 2 am (6 hours) so I'd have a full 24 hours. Might just do it sooner with more bud. (that's why I wrote 5 bowls XD)

    I believe in the paranormal, but I don't believe those shows are any real, too easy to fake with comps and such. Or the actors can simply lie about the feelings, haha. Dunno if I should take too much from the fact that I felt like they did.

    But I thought of something else that may be at fault. I think its probably just that I "greened" out, as Sam said. Since about 4 days ago I've been munching pretty heavily on hemp nuts. I've also only been vaping since that; last night was the first time I burned a bowl (rather, bowls). Thought of it because I'm eating some yogurt and grabbed them to sprinkle on top. I hope its because of them and their omega 3's n 6's; little better than the alternatives (poisoned high by residues, or hostile take-over by some being, neither sounds good haha)
  10. Hahahah now there you go that explains it. Hemp nuts? I didn't they had such a thing. Lol some of their reactions in ghost adventures(obviously my favorite) are very real or very very very good acting. Lol
  11. are you all good now man?
  12. Haha yeah. Its not the glass.
    Its probably just the fact that I havn't burnt in a while. Or the hemp nuts.

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