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bought fake acid :(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by zendo, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. recently purchased 2 tabs of acid from a dude i knew in school he said it wasnt the strongest shit but we would trip for a few hours. well we never felt anything and he charged $20 for 2 tabs (originally he said it would only be $7 dollars each but said he owed his boy money so he could re-up). He told me to call him later that night and tell him when we were trippin. I called him back last night and today and he hasn't answered yet, im going to call again later and tell him i want my money back or a free 20 bag. I dont even know what hes going to say because i always buy weed off him and he has never fucked me over before, after i bought he said he would have some headies this week and to hit him up, so idk why this would happen
  2. if it was really weak then maybe one hit a peron wasnt enough? How do you know it was fake and not just weak. I wouldnt outright accuse him of selling fake shit.

    Live and learn and buy more in the future. Dont burn your bridges.
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    IDk shit about acid but if you won't high fuck that get ya $ back.

    Always comes in and sets shit right:D
  4. dude its either to hilusinate or not. unlike shrooms.
  5. ahahahahaha

  6. it wasn't just weak because I didn't feel anything at all. nothing. ive done shrooms before so I'm sure I would know if this was just weak
  7. Despite you're name, obviously you've never had an acid trip. I've had low quality acid that has had me high, but not tripping. Shrooms and Acid do not have the same properties at all either.

  8. still I've bought acid before that you had to take 5 hits to be trippin'. I'm pretty sure if you only took one of those dose's you would never really feel it. so it could have just been weak. or a dry spot on the paper.
  9. I don't really think he did it on purpose. There's a number of possibilities here. 1: He could've gotten some fake acid to rip off a 'poser' and make some $$$ but he accidentally sold you the fake acid 2: He could've gotten ripped off and unknowingly sold you it, under the impression it was real 3: Maybe it somehow expired? I don't know if that's possible with acid but it could've gone bad 4: Maybe you took some sort of medication or food that cancels out the effects of acid? I know there are some substances that'll do that.
    All in all, I say that you tell him that it didn't work, and ask if next time you buy bud from him if he'd please give you a better deal. After all, you gave him an extra $6 for the tabs in the first place, AND it didn't work.
  10. well me and my friend went and picked it up and we only bought 2 tabs so he knew we each were taking one, and he said we would be tripping for hours, if we needed more tabs im sure he would have told us
  11. I didn't think he would do it on purpose either, I was actually thinking that he could have gave me some fake shit if he didn't know but he said it was good because the first day he told me about it he said he tripped for like 6 hours. Idk if it was expired or not but i doubt it because he said he sold like 10 tabs already. Both me and my friend took it and neither of us are on medication and we both ate different meals. I don't really know at this point im just going to have to wait until he answers the phone. I should get a deal next time or get my money back i gave him extra money (only because ive never had the chance to get acid yet). And we were supposed to walk and meet half way and we ended up having to walk almost all the way to his house in the rain.
  12. acid dosent expire
    there have been times where ive had extremly weak tabs and barely felt anything
  13. thats shitty bro. its happened to me a few times. even at red rocks amp. at sts9 i got sold 5 pretty bunk doses. so i popped some molly;)

  14. acid does expire. the LSD-25 molecule deteriorates not really fast but kinda quick and the process occurs quicker when it is exposed to higher temps and also if it is exposed to much light.
  15. the first time i tried to get acid, things just got fucked up. our dealer got beat up and robbed or something. the second time, we got a call from the dealer sayin they were fucked up. the story was that some kid took some of the same batch and it didnt work, he took more and started throwing up for a long time. we said fuck it and ate them. but they didnt work. thankfully we found a real connection later but yeah.. tryin to get lsd can be a real hassle a lot of times

    here are possibilities
    1) he didnt know they were fake
    2) they actually can deteriorate. i have read that it takes a couple months and it should be tightly wrapped/refrigerated to prevent it from "going bad"
    3) he got ripped off and sold it to you (that happened to me)

    good luck getting some.
  16. Actually, common things such as light, air, high temperatures will degrade the molecule. Also, any amount of chlorine, even low concentrations like in tap water will destroy it.

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