Bought Dad Glass

Discussion in 'General' started by holyrollers, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. So, I just bought my dad some glass... haha. I learned that he still smoked at the beginning of the summer, and we smoked once.

    well, I've been living with him this summer until I go back to school in a couple weeks. He hasn't had someone live with him for 10 years since my parents are divorced, so I know it wasn't easy for him, especially since he's OCD. I know his bitten his tongue sometimes.. so I thought I'd show my appreciation. I got him this piece:

    Almost decided to say "screw it" and keep it for myself. It has a nice deep bowl.
    Here it is.. and a couple of my pieces.. watson my sherlock is on the right, I haven't decided on a name for the chillum yet..
    Amazinggg chair to blaze in..

    Peace :wave:
  2. Good shit HR.

    +rep for hookin' your pops up.
  3. For real man, what a nice gesture! Sounds like your Dad is chill too man, peace out.
  4. +rep for holding it down for your dad. Nice glass piece.
  5. I bought my dad a bubbler last year fro his birthday. It feels nice to spread the smoke around :smoke:
  6. i love buying my dad shit. he doesn't toke but he likes cigars and stuff.

    makes me happy to see him happy.

    so did your dad like the nice glass?
  7. Yeah, he appreciated the gesture.. I knew he's had the same piece (his only piece) since college, so I thought I'd give him an alternative. He doesn't smoke every day, but every once in a while.. and he said he'd replace his alcohol use with weed use if it were legal.

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