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Bought Cracked Glass From Head Shop On Accident

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bobhunkman, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. I bought a 3 chamber bubbler from my local headshop and on the way home I noticed a slight crack in the first chamber. I put the bubbler in my back pack and when I pulled it out it got stuck on my sweatshirt and snapped in half right where the small crack was. I never even used the piece and dropped 65$ on it do you think they will let me exchange it for a new piece.
  2. Depends on how reputable the shop is really. And how quickly you go back in there.
    It never got smoked out of so they will see that. If you mention you saw a crack before it broke they might believe you.
    Either way, doesn't hurt to go back and tell them honestly what happened and be as nice as you can, you might get an exchange, if not, oh well, shit happens man. 
  3. Unfortunately, probably not.

    But, doesn't hurt to try.
    Also, stop by rather than calling.
    It's always easier to turn down a nice person over the phone than a nice person face to face.

    Oh, and be nice.

    Good luck!

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  4. Go in and try, worst case you are where you are now. Even if they wont refund maybe theyd give you a discount on next purchase or a free cheaper piece.

    try and play it up a bit about how it was all you had for a piece and youre gonna have to resort to tinfoil, maybe theyll feel the need to throw you a pinchy or something at the least lol
  5. The guy was really nice there. He saw me eyeing those bob marley mellow drinks or whatever they are called and gave it to me for free. He also gave me the piece for 65 flat no tax but I'm starting to think he knew there was a crack in it
  6. Hard to say man, sometimes shit is just cracked from the factory. I got a display model at Liquid Chrome, which is very reputable, and it had a tiny tiny stone chip or something near the top, just enough to catch your nail.
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    If you make an attempt to replace it the same day I can't see why they wouldn't exchange for a like priced piece. I had a piece break once on the same day I bought it and the store replaced it with a nicer one. If they screw you over give them a bad review on yelp haha. 

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