bought clunker got paid

Discussion in 'General' started by angrybeavers, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. a while back a guy sold me a fast 1989 ford taurus for 1300.i decied i would drive the car for a few months and then sell it. i did a little research on the car and i find out that this is one of 15,000 Taurus SHO's made. it has a yahama boat engine in it stock out of the factory. I put a new clutch + intake into the car.

    i threw the car on craigslist to see if i could get any takers, and i got offered 3000 for the Sho.the guy who wants to buy it, has owned 6 of them.

    heres a pic...

    ImageShack Album - 2 images

    ImageShack Album - 2 images

    now i have enough to buy the turbo charged rx7 ive always wanted

    do a little homework and get payed i guess, haha, im 18 years old and im already doing pretty good for myself.
  2. that's so sick, what made you get ford taurus in the first place? Did you already know you're going to make profit on it, or did you get lucky with the purchase?
  3. Smart move, man. Now help me sell some shit hahaha.
  4. nope had no idea. what i was gettin ginto though, when the clutch went i was bummed, but it made it worth so much more.

    and to royksopp, ( how ever you say your name :p) you just gotta do some stpid stuf flike investing 1300 into a car with a broken clutch.
  5. 0-60 times are impressive for this car.
  6. Right on, how much did the clutch and intake set you back?
  7. the top end speed for it is 150 mph. 240 whp

    the intake was free since its my hobby to fix cars. i dont see that as a cost, it was completely free and voluntary.

    the clutch was 300 but i went with the luk stage 2 pressure plates, and a valeo clutch disc. the labor was 500
  8. Hell yeah man I used to own a red 95, 5spd, SHO. 1-500 made. Those yamaha 3.0Ls screamed. Lmao I used to love the looks rednecks would give when I smoked there supped up trucks in Taurus. Man I miss that car. :-(

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