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Bought bag, dude stole it back...?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kiidras9567, Aug 5, 2017.

    1. Ok so I've recently been working with this dude and I bought 25 dollars worth 2.5 grams. I park my car right beside his in the parking lot and were on break at the same time, I get the bag from him and I tell him I'm going inside and he stayed in his car. And when I went back outside a couple hours later to go home I checked my car where I put it and it was gone. I looked everywhere. I gave him the money then he gave it to me and I put it in my car. I'm pretty pissed. I don't smoke often but I wanted some. I tried calling and texting him and no answer. I'm sure he stole it back when I went inside work . Forgot to lock my car. I usually leave my car unlocked though.

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  1. Bruh thats like leaving your house open then moaning when you get robbed lol, next time lock your car..
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  2. Yea stupid of me. Thought I could trust him. But guess not. I'm new to this stuff. It'll be awkward as fuck at work when I see him. Hasn't texted back or called me
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  3. Have a word with him next time you see him, if he trys to say it wasnt him set up another deal then rat him out to your boss/the cops get even bruh
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  4. I don't snitch man. People dont like snitches.
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  5. Yea man. Idk what to do. I don't deal with people too much at all. I'm pissed but shoulda locked the car . Can't believe it.
  6. It's either that or beat the shit out of him? I'd just snitch on him unless he refunds you lol
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