Bought Arizer solo but given wrong charger?

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    title says it all I got it at a lhs for $300.
    the charger does not turn on the charger light. It only turns on the blue idle light and the first three yellow lights. Help would be greatly appreciated.
    Edit **
    The charger looks very different compared to the one on the website


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  2. 300 bucks for a solo with the wrong charger!? They go for half that fully functional at The three lights could mean two things. Either a bad charger or a bad battery.
  3. Holy shit you got ripped of big time.
  4. Take the charger back and tell them to give you the proper charger or get a refund.then buy it online and get freebies with a better deal.
  5. buy it online and get a second one also while you're at it. return that sht asap

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