bought an iphone what mac os do u need?

Discussion in 'General' started by kayakush, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. so i bought i an ipnoe five but my imac isold. it is the dual core with tiger os. so what os do i need to support it. do i go leopard, snow leopard etc...also do i have bckup my data
  2. You can set it up out of the box totally without a computer if you so choose. However, if you wish to back it up (which I recommend) tiger should work fine just make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed

  3. i cant update itunes anymore. i need to install a higher version of the os
  4. [quote name='"kayakush"']

    i cant update itunes anymore. i need to install a higher version of the os[/quote]

    Just get the newest version of Mac os. Which I think is snow leopard, I might be wrong. If your computer can't handle it then it's another problem, you should just put windows on it.
  5. Yea just put windows on your mac, that usually solves all the problems.
  6. First - which Mac do you own EXACTLY? You say it's a dual core, but there's TONS of Dual-Cores out there. PLus how much RAM do you have? That will tell us which OS you CAN run, since you can't necessarily run the latest.

    Even still, when you upgrade to whatever OS X you're going to do, you may not be able to access ALL of the iPhone 5's features.
  7. You can still back up all your settings, contacts and some data with iCloud. You get 5GB for free then a pretty cheap yearly rate for more.

    I'm sure you want to put things from your Mac on your phone, but at least you can get your phone up and running for now, until you get the computer figured out.

  8. its a 2006 20 inch model with dual core processor 2.4GHz

    i dont have music alone is like 30 gb and pics are like another few
  9. i figured it snow leopard all my files and it reads my iphone 5....sweet

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