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  1. So I over payed by like $20 but oh well. I just bought and used the Digital V5 Vaporizer, and I have a few questions about it. 
    Even though I should've payed $60 for it, it basically does what $300 ones do, but the more expensive ones prevent the weed from actually touching the hot rod thing. What else do they do different or better or whatever? Also, isn't vaporizing essentially cooking the weed? So I cannot wrap my mind around how it doesn't actually have any negatives about it when it comes to health. Like the glass itself gets so hot it and its right around the glass. 
    The weed didn't really get burnt, but because its cooked doesn't that mean it combusted??? Please explain to me how its healthier and better and an improvement over using a bong or pipe. Please. This post is really hard to make right now lol 
    Also, I only used a small amount of weed, and I'm incredibly high. like before I would have to go through about 3-4 pipe bowls to get this high, and it only took like 1-2 pipe bowls. why is that??? 

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    Because global warming... (to all of the above questions)
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    Vaporizing and combustion (smoking) is a lot different. Vaporizing is when you release the active elements of a substance (herb) without combusting it. In other words, you're heating your herb but not burning it. Basically when you combust the molecular structure of your herb is changed. Lets say your using cannabis. You want to receive the thc, and all the other effects of it but you also receive a handful of toxins, irritants, tar and stuff like that when smoking it. When you vaporize none of those toxins, irritants, tar, carbon monoxide and other stuff get's released. Only the aroma and effect of cannabis or however you want to put it.

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  4. I hate to tell you this but the vaporizer you bought is a piece of shit that isnt worth risking your health to use.
  5. I know its a piece of shit, I was planning on buying something hella nice but couldn't, but I'm not risking my health by using it, its probably STILL healthier than using a pipe 
  6. Apart from all the toxins and metal vapors you'll be inhaling that is..   Someone on here got very seriously ill from using a cheap vaporizer.  tbh, you'd probably be better off smoking, at least you will know what crap your inhaling.
    How do you know? Do you know the materials it was made of? You run the risk of developing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Really sucks to get. There's a guy on here that bought nothing but el cheapo Chinese crap quality vapes and had that happen to him. Thought he was saving a buck by not buying the real mccoy. 
    If its a cheap piece of shit, you ARE risking your health, and you might as well just use a pipe that you KNOW what its made of.
  8. i bought it at a smoke shop its fine lol i didn't buy it online 
  9. Where do you think the smoke shop got it from? Its still the same china piece of garbage that isnt worth risking your health to use.
    You didn't buy it online, but I bet the smoke shop did.  
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    Vapolution starts around 100. More like 150. That's still cheap to me for good equipment and customer service.

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