Bought a vape and never went back

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by fezz5544, May 19, 2009.

  1. Has anyone else bought a nice vaporizer and liked it SO much better than smoking that you hardly ever smoke anymore?
  2. Most do, some don't, and some don't smoke anymore at all.
  3. I have a HotBox Vape for 6 years and only smoke if I am at someone elses house.I bring it with me sometimes too.I don't like smoking anymore,just vaping.
    -Nick Gerz
  4. i own a vapir unit which i like alot but have smoked many different kinds on vapes... on the low end and high end and alotta shit in between

    i like vaping dont get me wrong but for some reason im just not as satisfied as i am when i see smoke comin out my nose...

    usually ill vape to get started and finish with a small L or a nice joint
  5. I heard that a vap high is different from a smoking high. Is this true?
  6. I ordered a vape and its coming in a few days

    im so cited!:hello:

    edit:1000th post!! YEEAAH!!
  7. Yes, you can function better on a vapor high; the high is more cerebral, creative, and active. Even indica vapors take on more of these qualities.
  8. so true about the highs. Idk why i guess because you are getting more thc than cannabonoids. I love my vape and use it alot but i still smoke when i am out and about with friends and stuff.
  9. I have never used a clean vape. My friend has one with one of the nastiest whips you'll ever see. It wasn't all that bad, but I still enjoy a good smoke.
  10. More THC, as well as other cannabinoids, are released due the fact that sublimation is superior to oxidation byproducts. Very little of the "ingredients", if you will, are wasted. This results in added THC (more psychoactive) to the normal mixture of cannabinoids you recieve. This is why it seems clearer... and takes less to get you high. Also, it negates (most) negative side effects of smoking. Emphysema, Bullous, increased severity of HIPs and other lung diseases are not cool.
    I personally never smoke anymore, unless I haaave to. hehehe <3 vapes
  11. If it's surgical tubing, tell him to scrape the whip and buy a new one.... you get some G R E A T hash/grease type residue that is extremely potent from the deposition of the vapors. IT IS NOT "RESIN".
  12. i have two vaporizers one is the vapor brothers vaporizer and the other is the I-inhale vaporizer.

    the I-inhale is my portable unit but i also use it rather often.

    my vapor bros i bought the hydrator attachment and hook it to my bong it is amazing.

    i have not smoked since.
  13. I coughed up the money and bought a Volcano just under a year ago. It was the best investment that I have ever made (as far as smoking goes). The only thing I do not like, is I can not blow big fat smoke rings as easily with the vaporizer rather than smoke. :p
  14. I rarely smoke now. Its just a waste of weed for less of a head high.
  15. I actually just bought my SSV the other day :D i cant wait to taste that sweet vapor

  16. I coughed up the money a few months ago and totally agree. Expensive but the highest quality in every aspect. I can't blow "big fat" smoke rings from the bag, but i can definitely still blow rings with a thick vapor.

    I got a vape about six months ago and really got attached to it and have since upgraded already after trying the cano at a friends. I still smoke a good deal with other people and whatnot. But if its my decision, always vape...
  17. yeah you get less of whatever is in the smoke that makes you have a more lethargic feeling and body stone. You still get one but its not as prominant. I never thought it was too important but I still smoke sometimes for that feeling. Munchies are reduced as well at least for me.

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