Bought a soda with too much ice, not enough soda? Fuck them! Here's how!

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  1. that's why I always ask for no ice
  2. And they will spit in it and laugh away
  3. One time I was in a McDonald's and I asked for no ice and she told me she couldn't do that, she had to put ice in my drink. After a little whining and complaining I got my ice free drink.
    Also, one thing I've noticed at McDonald's, when they pour your drink, the machine alternates between clear liquid (I assume it's water) and the color of your drink. I mean in the stream that comes out of the machine, you can see clear liquid and the other color coming out.

  4. I think it mixes a concentrate of your beverage of choice with water. I'm not sure why they do it that way. My theory is that it's easier and more cost efficient to distribute just a concentrated drink to the branches and then mix it with regular tap water on the spot, then to send entire bottles. Plus I swear they mess with the machine's ratio of water to concentrate because drinks always taste watered down.
  5. I don't know why it would alternate, it could just be watered down soft drinks. All I know is that the concentrate for the sodas is like a shit flavored ultra concentrated goop.

    My friend who worked at pizza hut drank a 20oz cupfull of mountain dew goop and was sick for ~ 3 days lol.:laughing: I've tasted it. It tastes like shit.
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    It's probably because the concentrate is so thick you have to sort of "layer" it. It squeezes out a little goop, it mixes it with water, then a little more goop goops out and more water is mixed. Otherwise it wouldn't mix right and what you'd get is a drink that tastes kind of ok only towards the middle of the cup (the top would be too weak and the bottom too strong). Also it might be because alternating makes it carbonated, instead of just cola flavored water.

    lol I wanna taste it... it wasn't like eating mountain dew? bummer..

  7. Most McDonald's nowadays have fountains you can use, just buy an Ice Tea off the dollar menu (Bigger than large and 2 bucks cheaper) and fill it with whatever.

    Also, if you are in a very crowded (I mean really crowded) McDonalds and they are calling out orders and they repeat the question once or twice just say, "Oh I think thats me..." and look and then just nod your head and leave. Just hope they ordered something good haha.
    (This has actually happened to me in some of the more crowded McD's around town, I always get my order anyway, only people losing money is the billion dollar McDonald's itself)
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    Aha!!! wait i know this one! it alternates just plain syrup of the drink you get with seltzer. sometimes they are out of the syrup and it'll just give ya a big cup of seltzer water:(
    if you dont mind making a mess you can manuver your cup in the stream of soda around the excess seltzer and get a more flavorfull beverage. it still wont be just plain seltzer and its good! but people look at you weird if you do that. but notice the powerade and lemonade spouts dont do that cause they aren't carbonated, and the carbonations in the seltzer

    oh wait thats what you just said
  9. It's actually CO2 that creates the carbonation. That's why you hear that weird PFFT sound... I think:eek:. But what you say does make sense, especially if the customer wants a fresh drink. It would be freshly carbonated. That might be why I like fountain drinks over bottled or canned drinks. They always seem to be more flavorful.

    As for the taste of the Dew, or any of the drink syrups... I mean if you have a friend who closes at a restaurant that serves fountain drinks, you could probably ask him/her if you can taste a bit. But you're not missing much.:(
  10. I go with no ice. The ice sits in the same machine as the soda, so the soda's usually cold straight out of the machine. Fuck ice. Fill that cup with corn syrup.
  11. Greedy bastards! I say we have a throw back day, where every drink thats over half full of ice you just throw back through the drive though window. Its the free part of your meal anyways, fcuk em!
  12. When I worked at McDonalds a few years ago, whenever people came through the drive through and asked for no ice in their soda, we were told by our manager to not fill the cup all the day. Screw that though.
  13. This.
  14. It's funny I work at a quality fast food place. When we have people come to the window and what to upgrade there drink from a med to a large or xl I will just take the med pour it into the bigger cup and just fill the rest with ice and not even pour more soda In the cup. Don't mess with the people that handle your food
  15. Don't mess with the food that you handle for people.

  16. I don't think these places exist.
  17. [quote name='"LeroyDankins"']

    I don't think these places exist.[/quote]
    I can't say where but its a west coast thing with the big yellow arrow. Animal style is the big crave there. If u know what I am talking about you know it's quality. It's not fast food. It quality food served fast.
  18. It's only for those with underground connections, I see.
  19. Taco Bell always does this to me....
    Bastards -_-

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