bought a prepaid visa, but it says only valid in US!!! tryin to order tonight wtf

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Eleven Blocked, May 25, 2009.

  1. so i bought a prepaid visa and in order to use it online i gotta go to wally and register it. what if i use a fake name and have it sent to my address with the name "current resident" will that work?

    i paid cash for the card.

    and it also states that it is only valid in the us. i hear so much about attitude and visa cards, the attitude site says that the cards are accepted. but my actual card says diffrently. its a complete difference of opinion from the manufacturer and the recipient.

    i wanna order some strawberry cough TONIGHT. like now would be awesome. i have the card in my pocket...
  2. just try the card, it might work!? If not ask your friends if they want to buy the card or buy them something they want and collect the ca$H
  3. right, but what is the issue with this tho. Ive seen so manyt others use these cards well not seen,, but read of and i assumed mine would work. i did not read th card just bought it....i havnt tried to order it
  4. i use prepaid card from wal-mart to order my seeds and have no problems at all.ive ordered from u.k and from netherlands with no issues.

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