Bought a pipe from a friend...

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by waffz, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. I just got this from my friend so that I can use it when just chilling out my house or when I have like a friend over. Only got for $10. Do you think that was a great deal? Also I cleaned out all of the resin out of it so it is cleaner looking then in this picture and if you look on the right side of the pipe there is a little glass ball and there is a little glass shroom in it.

  2. Nice pipe.. Good deal for 10. I dont think i could part with my glass peices because they have memories linked to them but if it was for a friend thats different..


    P.S. You shoulda smoked the resin..
  3. good deal, from what i can see it looks like thick glass..and nice marbles man. if you find the chance to take a pic of that badboy clean.
  4. I took like 3 hits of resin before I cleaned it because with resin for me it only last 20 minutes because im out of weed and I can't sprinkle some on top of it like I normally do. I'm still a little high, but I have smoked this pipe many times before I bought this. During lunch at school, after school, at night, and bunch of other times. Also this is my first real piece.
  5. I will probably take a picture of it clean this weekend when I get some weed.
  6. looks like a thick little bowl, lots of cane work too. :smoke:
  7. Also I got rid of all my homemade stuff. I had a bubbler and a bong with a pre cooler.

  8. Good step up
  9. It was so caked on there because my friend's brother sells weed so all day long he smokes.
  10. The last time I used my homemade stuff I think I burnt plastic downtube aka a pen. That was really motivated me to get a real piece so that I wouldn't kill my self inhaling plastic fumes.

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