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Bought a nick today...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Yary, May 13, 2010.

  1. I don't usually buy nicks, usually Dimes and up, but today I was desperate and wanted some weed. I was just wondering, how much should I get out of a nick?

    EG: 2 joints / 2 blunts ect.

    Yeah I know I need a scale.
  2. Depends what you bought.. I'm guessing mids? Considering I've never met anyone that sells a 5 bag of dank, or mids really for that matter but..

    An 8th - 3.5 - 20.
    Half 8th - 1.75 - 10
    So a 5? About .85 or so. Not even a gram of mids really.

  3. Where I'm from in Florida its 5 a G for mids. So thats like one blunt. Or two joints.
  4. 2 bowls maybe..depends really..have a pic?
  5. If you spent 5 bucks, if thats what your saying youl prbly get like .2 maybe .3 if ur dealers cool. That will maybe pack your bowl if u got one prob not tho unless u got a small one, its not even worth paying 5 bucks for that dude just get more cashh lol. get a job :smoking:
  6. Yeah.. five bucks worth of weed isn't much.
    The least i buy is 15 and thats like 0.7 g's
  7. You're all on some fucked up prices. A nickel is $5 of weed regardless of weight. Quality will determine how much weight you get. It could be anywhere from .2 grams to 1 gram.
  8. I guess it's different everywhere but around here $5 will only get you a doob.
  9. Son, is it really worth it? There are two things I will never do;

    1. Buy schwag
    2. Buy a nick bag.
  10. dunno where ur from, but around here:
    $5=0.5 grams
    $10=1 gram
    $20=2 grams

  11. [​IMG]

    Yeah I know I fucked up guys lol . After an exam and all I had was $5 and a dude I know that goes to my class. It's mids.
  12. a Nickle bag? Isnt that like 1 bowl?

  13. ^^^this! yes!

  14. All my prices are double yours except a eight is 55 60, I live in Chicago
  15. it's probably .5, because unless the dealer is an asshole, he'll give you half a dime (a dime is a gram in most places). You should be able to roll a couple joints with that. Or if you spliff them with tobacco you can roll two fatty joints. Unless you got a .3 nick, which is ridiculous, I would have thrown the bag right back at him if someone gave me a .3 bag lol
  16. you got a good ammount for 5$
  17. $5 is usually .5 of some high mids here in canada, and I can usually make two joints out of that.
  18. well overhere in texas a nick is good for acouple can proly roll two fat ones...i never buy nicks usuallybuy larger amounts its cheaper too kuz i get an ounce for 50bucks so yeah its better than buyin nicks
  19. I have never bought so little at one time.

    Back when i was a real noob i bought a gram and a half and being conservative i got it to last me a month...

    But now i will smoke about 1 - 2 grams a week. so roughly a quarter every month.

    Im getting a Q of Master Kush Tomorrow :hello: Its gunna be good
  20. I bought a nick for a friend today. rolled two joints with it.
    I guess its about a gram total

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