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Bought a new pipe andddd.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by youknowhuuh, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. i scraped it to get rez. But when i was scraping i poked around and hit i guess an air hole from when the pipe was made . Like not an actual hole but a little dip on the inside of the bowl . isnt it supposed to be smooth in it? Theres like 3 of them . they arent big maybe im just being paranoid . but i dont wanna scrape then find some broken glass on my tool. is it supposed to have little dips / kinda craters in the glass of a spoon bowl..
  2. Depends on the price. Be gentle scraping it and if the dips are small and not that significant don't worry. I've bought and seen many bowls that aren't perfectly smooth. I wouldn't be worried
  3. Yeah you get what you pay for . I love 5 dollar bowls . Over time you can get a good collection going without breaking the bank
  4. it was 15 dollars . but from a shitty shop . Idk i been smokin out it a lot and when i scrape i check for lil peices of glass . i think im overreacting
  5. You're overreacting, dude. How can the glass inside of your bowl magically chip off? It can't, and doesn't. The dips are just from less professional glass blowing.
  6. Wash, don't scrape.
  7. not magically you bastard. i ment when i SCRAPE IT . ima just be more sensitive when scraping it .
  8. Dude just turn it upside down, hold a lighter under it for 5 seconds to heat up the resin, then take a paper towel and shove a corner into the bowl and start twisting until it cleans it all out. No scraping, no wasting time, done in 15 seconds.

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