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  1. I've never used concentrates before, I bought a glass nail for ten bucks but im not sure it fits my bong. I drop it in the joint and everything is sealed up so much that I can barely pull on it, too much resistance. My friend (who never dabbed before) said it was probably too big. I just don't know how to make this thing work. I bought a cheap torch lighter, it works fine though. I don't have a dome, how can I make one? I know I can use tin foil but how do I actually form it?

  2. CAN dab on the cheap, however adding a nail that doesn't fit and lacking the other pieces are not gonna get anywhere.
  3. does your piece a male or female joint?
    if you have a flower piece and just threw a nail in the down stem, thats your problem...
    what kind of torch lighter did you get?
    and fuck no dont make a dome out of tin foil, go buy one....
    do you have a dabber?
    or even a source for quality/safe bho?
    yea I have bho its sitting here waiting on me to smoke it. I was told here on GC to make one of tin foil, I thought I shouldn't though since its tin foil. I knew I was missing a dome I couldn't afford both. that's all I thought I needed, please educate me lol
  5. This is the exact problem with BHO these days. Gaining way too much in popularity and people are doing it because its a new trend. BHO will become more illegal then it is now as I am already seeing smear pieces.
    If you have never done concentrates before why would you go out and buy a nail?
    that's a dumb ass question. I don't know, I bought it so I could smoke concentrates, why the fuck else? I'm not doing it because its a trend, I haven't done it for the last 3 years because I refused to because I wanted only flower. I decided to when my friend offered me some BHO cheap he got from a clinic in Tarzana ca. I decided to try it. why are you so offended?
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    Tried bho several times went a couple weeks where I would smoke nothing but that. But I prefer bud over bho any day I enjoy the act of smoking over dabbing I always feel like a crack head heating a nail lmao. packing & lighting a fat bowl on my bong is more enjoyable to me

    Who Dat!
    it always seemed to chemically for me but  friend really showed me all the chemicals are drawn out. I don't wanna go hard lol I like my tolerance to not get out of control but once in a while seems fun. I'm trying to get info on getting a rig, but that may not work out here :/
    LOL BHO become more illegal than pot.  Made me laugh bro good one.
    I just bought my first nail yesterday after never having tried any BHO.  So fuckin glad I did.  2 nice little hits and highly medicated.  Slept like a baby.
    It's so much nicer to take 2 little bong rips as opposed to who knows what the equivalent would have been in plant matter.
    never answered my main question....
    so does your tube have a male or female joint?
    female 18mm
    i agree with you wholeheartedly.
    are you kidding me? lets think about this logically and rationally for a second....
    bho is made from a highly flammable substance. inexperienced people are physically harming themselves by incorrectly attempting to make bho. or better yet, inexperienced users are purchasing unhealthy bhp products and damaging their respiratory systems.
    also you have to look at it from a potency standpoint....
    bho is way stronger than nugs, there by impairing you much more.
    some people might even say that concentrates are too strong.
    maybe you should look into laws regarding concentrates, because they have much stricter laws than that of normal nugs.
    ya exactly what i thought, you bought a nail and stuck it inside a normal downstem...
    you need a male to male adapter.
    sit the nail in the adapter.
    dome goes overtop....
    maybe you should do ALOT more research on concentrates before jumping head first into it...
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    Yes you are correct.  It's no secret BHO is dangerous to make and sometimes to ingest.  
    To produce is one thing but it is no more illegal to possess 2g of BHO as it is to possess 2g of dried cannabis.  At least here in Canada. They are both going to show positive for THC when it comes time to test.
    I'd love to see your government documents about the drug classification on BHO and how much more illegal it is than dried Cannabis. Link to gov of USA or gov of Canada page specific to this?  Or whatever country you live in.
    Ok so now we know the penalties for manufacturing by means of chemical synthesis but there is still much missing information on the possession legality such as amount possessed and type of penalty (infraction, misdimeanor and felony).
    It doesn't appear that possessing BHO is any more illegal than possessing dried cannabis which is why I LOL'd at your statement.
    side note* 3 years max for cultivating any amount of cannabis?????? I'M MOVING TO CALIFORNIA!!!

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    \tCOMPASSIONATE USE ACTUnder Health and Safety Code 11362.5, it is a complete defense to possession and cultivation marijuana crimes if the person charged
    1. Produces evidence tending to show that the possession or cultivation of concentrated cannabis was\t<ol><li>for personal medical purposes or\t\t
    2. as the primary caregiver of a patient with a medical need,\t
    </li>\t[*]The person who was using the marijuana had a physician's recommendation or approval,\t[*]The amount of concentrated cannabis possessed or cultivated was reasonably related to the patient's current medical needs.</ol>If the jury has reasonable doubt that the defendant's possession or cultivation of concentrated cannabis was unlawful under the Compassionate Use Act, they must find the defendant not guilty.
    you even post #2 by the time I replied?  No I didn't read it because it wasn't posted at the time of my reply.  Notice my quote smart guy?
    Link 2 is some kid telling a story on a forum.  I want gov documents or at the very least I will accept NormL because they do provide accurate information.
    NormL says 1 year max with a max $500 fine for possession of hash or concentrates.
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    see above post.
    2008 a court case changed the laws.
    EDIT: id still like to hear from some residents on how this actually works. & attacking my intelligence, that proves you are a big boy right? 
    that's why I came here asking. to learn. I've already researched, been smoking herb for 8 years I think I can safely use concentrates with my current experience, I'm just clueless as to how to actually do it. I haven't done anything yet, im just trying to gather the necessary tools
    you say you have researched, but how thorough of a job did you do?
    i mean buying a nail and throwing it down a downstem doesn't sound like you did much research is why i said that.
    im not hating man, just trying to help you out.
    what kind of torch did you get though?
    you said torch lighter...
    did you mean a propane torch, butane torch, creme brûlée torch, a lighter that has a blue flame from the gas station?

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