Bought a membership and NOTHING?!

Discussion in 'Forum Tech Questions, Problems and Troubleshooting' started by shotnva777, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I was just wondering how the bronze membership worked.... Supposedly, there are hidden threads and such, but I see NOTHING!

    Just wondering.... I figured I would contribute to this site because ALL THE HELP I've received from indoor experienced growers...

    Is this just a fluke?
  2. lol you arent bronze yet, it takes a few days.

    2-3 probably.
  3. If you just bought it today its going to take a few days

    Do what Smitttys crazy ass said :cool:
  4. Oh lol.... I thought it was effective IMMEDIATELY! MY BAD!!! Well see where we stand in 2-3 days!
  5. it took mine a couple months to kick in fully haha

    i had access to nirvana right away tho
  6. I was thinking about being a bronze member, what is it, 10 bucks or something?
  7. I got mine immediately. I'm pretty sure you'll get it whenever superjoint signs on. Patience! Unless you like.. misspelled your name when you bought it.. lol

  8. I always keep saying Im gonna do a gold membership, and then it gets put to the back of the line..

    What's the payment method, credit card/paypal/cheque/money order?

    What's the downsie?
  9. Credit card, you buy it out of the GC shop.

    downside? there is none.

  10. Downsie and in "the scoop"
  11. If you have any trouble just contact Super Joint and you should be good to go. I was able to access the Nirvana section after I did and my PM box got bigger.

    If you go to the main Grass City Forums page you should see Nirvana at the top once SJ has updated your account.

  12. we didn't accept you into the family yet.
  13. the downside is youre out 10 bucks. lol

  14. Oh well thanks bro!

    Preciate the info, might PM the dude cuz I still dont have access to Nirvana.
  15. yeah it takes a few days, judging from what i read in the feedback section, if your still having problems, maybe send Superjoint a PM, or RMJL
  16. I think it's credit card, you might be able to do paypal too though. It's been a while since I did it last.

    The downside is you don't have to deal with idiots in AT anymore and can talk with cool people in Nirvana. Another downside is you get coupons year-round for the headshop part of the city.

    Oh wait, those aren't downsides
  17. I just tried to buy and I got an error screen :( Is the system down?
  18. Not sure dude... My shit went through the next day, after PM'n "superjoint"! (I guess THAT did it? Lol!)
  19. I bought mine at like 11pm and the next day I was in the nirvana forumms and my name changed color...I'm not sure why you're having a bunch of problems. Maybe credit card verification? Did you get a confirmation number?

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