bought a hq of purple train wreck from the dispensary (pic)

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  1. it was 9 a gram so 30 for a hq. to me it smells and looks nice. what do u guys think?

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  2. It's leafy. No more than $10 a gram. Some dispensaries would charge 7 or 8 bucks a gram. You got a fair deal
  3. What is an HQ?
  4. half a quarter so 3.5 grams
  5. Oh an eighth. Ok 30 for an eighth is average here in so Cal. Most places give 4 gram eighths though.
  6. honestly even if its 9 a gram leafy or 12 a gram AAAAA. the high is just the same. its weird
  7. this strain is fireee, im annihilated off a 0.3. maybe leafy weed is better haha
  8. Also known as an eighth. No one calls it a half quarter.

    Ounce (or Zip, or O).

    Then goes from there, but few go beyond ounces.
  9. dankitty herbology. Trainwreck is known to hit like a wave of unexpected glory following juicy sensations of bliss. Plus a little purps and you got some fire on deck!

    me = envious rn :geek:
  10. brother 0.2 wrecked me. im going to try a 0.4 tonight. but so what if its leafy its better than nonleafy weed lol
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  11. Everyone where I live calls it a half quarter. They used "eighth" years back when I was a kid. Just my experience though. :GettingStoned:

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