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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by amber420, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. i went to lowes today and got a few pots and soil. the soil is a big bag of "pro-mix". is that good enough to grow in? also, the pots i got there aren't huge by far - how big of a pot do i need to grow in?
  2. i have been reading about lights but i am not sure exactly which to buy to grow with. at the time being, i have maybe $50 to spend with rent, xmas coming up, etc. any ideas for a light like that?
  3. well, maybe for xmas you should ask santa for a 158 dollars plus shipping :) you need to come up with a little more cash, 400watt hps maximizer this imo will suit all needs for the noobie grower. not too much, definetly not to less. you can get you some nice fat nugz and pay for your investment with first harvest if all goes well atleast 4x over.

    but with your intial 50 bucks, thats plenty to get you a nice floro setup. you can veg for however long it takes to get your hps. with the 50 bucks, you can get 4 48in ge floros for 10 bucks, 2 ballast to house those lights for 10 bucks. and a timer for 5 bucks. that leaves you with 25 bucks and youre off to a great start. :) oh yeah on the light link, go to the maximizer link and to the 400 watt hps lamp. hope that helps.
  4. can you use the kind they sell at walmart? i think that is the same light you are talking about.
  5. yeah you can get them there, the same ones of the picture from the link that hippiejohn posted.
  6. go to home depot and look for a 150w High pressure sodium security light... its only $45...

    when your there get a single ended extension cord to wire the light up to...
  7. can u get them 150w High pressure sodium security light at wal mart or stores in a small town?
  8. nah they wont have them there you would need home depot

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