Bought a Cabinet off a yard sale for $5 //Need help from the community (NEW GROWER)

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by LARob, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I am a new grower, I need stealth. I live with my parents and they know I smoke so they wouldn't care as long as it does not smell and guests don't see it.

    So I just got this cabinet off a yardsale for $5



    Is that a good sized cabinet for growing 1 plant?

    I would also need help with soil/nutrients/lighting.

    If someone can give me a good site on where to buy autoflower seeds, that would be appreciated.
  2. Don't go with led.that's my opinion.I would do cfl if it was have a couple fans and the temps will be fine.I've seen people use small hps's in computer you will be fine with cfl
  3. LEDs are by far the best option for very small grows like this one would be. They can grow much closer to the light giving you more room
  4. That looks like it would do just fine. LEDs are to expensive for me so I use CFLs and some pc fans and I am very happy with them so far. I will follow
  5. I need to go find some yard sales
  6. You could easily get away with an led grow light, two 80mm exhaust fans on the back (near the top) and cut a few holes in the bottom for passive intake.
  7. I still say cfl..cheaper and better buds
  8. that is a fucking steal for $5!! congrats on the find!

    I think you should go with CFLs just because it is so easy to get access to... and u live with ur parents so you dont want any boxes laying around...

    start looking for some fans, seeds, pots, figure out how ur gonna hide the smell, nutrients, get mylar or the foil tape (but looking at ur little box that you might need to light proof the insides, especially in between the wooden rectangles...

    ur going to need to cut some holes, so be prepared to invest or borrow some tool to help u cut holes in the wood...this shit will be loud so make sure you go somewhere that your parents cant hear...
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    I don't wanna be dickish but no. LED's are far more better for growing.

    Compare: LED Lights vs CFL vs Incandescent Lighting Chart

    LED's have longer lifespans, more lumens per watt, more reliable, NO MERCURY, use less energy, produce less heat, + more.

    The only thing that turns people away from it is the pricing at the moment. It costs 100+ to get a 100 watt led panel. You can get 107 watts of cfl for about 25$.

    In the long run though, investing in LED lights pays off.

    Not saying you have to get an LED light though, but saying CFLs are better because "better buds" is false info.
  10. id rather pay the extra 75 and use an led for sure
  11. Aight, with this:
    I'd order some panda film, White side, Black side, to lightproof the inside.
    Order some 80mm, or 100mm or 120mm fan(s) - personally I'd do passive intake with holes in the floor of the box, and (1) exhaust fan at the lights.
    Ph meter.
    Some nutrients, because thats a great space!
    I like the 240w Blackstars...or 1 90w ufo would work. Make sure no chinese crap, get cree leds.
    Nice potting soil, no miracle-gro! Maybe even a hempy bucket, 100% perlite.
    Its your grow, so it has to incorporate things you like bro. Possibilities....
  12. Sorry about that.thats just my opinion.not saying its fact
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  13. that's a really nice looking cabinet :) I'd almost feel bad drilling holes and stuff into it ..

    What's your budget like? I also recommend attitude for seeds, and starting with some quality soil or coco.
  14. if you're a new grower then start off with a bagseed (anyseed) for practice before you go blowing money on strains that can be overly sensitive to how they are grown
  15. your going to want to buy seeds eventually mine as well start the grow off right, i dont think any strain is more sensitive than the next so....worth it to know your genetics and know you have a female instead of messing around with a seed you know little to nothing about.
  16. Small space so I would get a feminized seed of an easy to grow strain. I have a bit of experience with led and more with cfls, I only had a 20w led but didn't rate it compared to the cfls not sure about the UFO's of the large panels but have seen some very good grows with them. Like others have said go with cfls for price and ease but led may be good if you can afford it.

    As far as the box goes have a look at my current grow for a good set up of a similar space. Personally I would take the front off the draw and fix it permanently to the front then just have the door opening.

    Whatever you do you should definitely lst or scrog in that space.

    Nice cabinet and good luck dude.

    Happy growing
  17. I'm not disagreeing with wanting a specific/known strain over bagseed, but :rolleyes:
  18. well, then buy the CHEAP seeds first ;)

    bagseed was my first grow, it reminded me of a carpenter making a wooden frame, you cut all pieces, lay them out, and make sure they fit - that was bagseed

    some strains - like blueberry - can be overly sensitive to nutes and general growing conditions, so it can give new growers headaches
  19. Go with an led to start rather than cfl or go with a 250wt cool tube rig.Check LoveMyBuds is sweet. A bx that small with a 250 wt cool tube will make very dense buds.Led will veg nice but it still isn't going to make dense buds during flwr.You need the musel of HPS or MH to do that however 250wt is good 400wts is too much.Do practice with bagseed

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