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Bought a 10 sack of mexi dirt for nostalgia

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by nacher7g, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Reminded me of back in the day when I'd pay 30 for half a ten sack of crumble!
    I'll update with pics soon.

    Do you guys ever buy shit weed just to remind you of when you first started smoking? :)

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  2. Fortunately, the mexican brown frown doesn't exist where I live.
    Maybe I'd buy a bag to reminisce if I went back to ATL.
  3. No, dirt weed gives a far grosser high in comparison to dank so it kind of rekindles bad memories of smoking in a sense
  4. Cant say i miss the sinus infections tbh :smoke:

    Or that dreadful yellow smoke....
    Not only no but hell no
  6. I dunno man, I enjoyed my schwag blunts when I lived in the south.  It was better than nothing at times haha.
    And think of the possible genetic gems in all of the seeds.
  7. I don't see the point in buying it, but to each there own.  Never even seen brick weed here in Canada.
  8. Short true story from elsewhere in the forum but I totally get the OP. I was making tons of cash in 2001 and for goofs (had QP of really top-drawer for day-to-day work) I bought a pound of Mexican weed and just dumped it on the dining room table. As I looked over the mound at the TV, I watched as the planes hit the trade I sat there all day with the biggest bong I had at the time and tried to hit the whole pound while watching the 9/11 events unfold. Totally surreal. The weed was the worst though. You could almost feel the lung disease trying to grab hold with each powerful hit...
    Note: the pic is just an example, not the actual pile..

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  9. I smoked some mexi brick about 2 summers ago for nostalgia purposes. It had seeds in it too just like the old days. My friend paid $200 for a qp of the stuff. The flavor and smell took me back to the early 70's
  10. Lol, took me back to the 70s too and ive never been there :lol:
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    I was fortunate enough to start smoking with really good weed, I still remember the first time I tasted it, I smoked out of an apple pipe and man it was something different. So good weed brings back that nostalgia for me.
  12. Yep. Something I did once but probably not again...this stuff smelled like it had been buried in a grave or something...I tell ya what though: you sure as hell gain a finer appreciation for what is available now, that's for sure.. ^__^
  13. Not only hell no but fuck no

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  14. for me the smell is either kinda minty, or if you get some real brown betty its like musty, moldy, hay lol

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  15. Isn't that such an empty feeling? I did the same thing a year ago when the Boston Marathon events were unfolding all throughout that week.
  16. You know it. There just are no words. HOWEVER. Would you rather:
    A. Go through that again, seeing all the heinous shit OR
    B. Go through that again, seeing all the heinous shit WITH a QP of Northern Lights #5 and a pound of Mexican to back it up
    Any questions class?? ^__^
  17. it's been a long time since I've seen mexican brick weed

    I would definitely take at least a hit or 4
  18. When I want to go back to the day. I make some homemade piece. I always had fire just didn't always have a good piece. When I was young I use th o make pieces all the time.

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