bottom of the bag blueberry

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by ludachris, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. heres the last of the blueberry my buddy grew. it was kinda stemmy, and the nugs are small, so my buddy gave me a 1/4 for $30. i didnt complain 1 bit. heres whats left

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  2. Damn, a quarter of Blueberry for $30. Not bad at all man. And who cares if the nugs aren't huge, you're gonna end up breaking them up anyways.
  3. ya for the price u cant complain...

  4. yep, thats why i was so happy with this deal, gets me just as high as all the other blueberry
  5. DAMN YOU LUDA!!!!!!! i'm coming over, and you'd better smoke me out son!
  6. I like seeing your weed, man. You've always got good looking weed. Can't find anything like that here in the South.
  8. i dont know how to put my pic of my bush on but here it goes. its my special splice between blueberry/purple haze strain.
    Pics kinda small im bad with computers. but its a really smooth smoke. kicks your ass too. im afraid to try it with my gravity bong. insanely afraid

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  9. Im skeptical of any chronic thorugh a bucket. But if you want to get a real high with efficiency try a vaporizer with that bombbetta. NOt the cheezy all in one vaporizers. The ones where you use a heat gun and a seperate glass bong. Maximum THC consmption there buddy.
  10. looks like some ok stuff...
  11. They also look ok....
  12. better and more than i got so i say props to ya buddy... puff one for the poor guy on 420

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