Bottom leaves yellowing.

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  1. Hey everyone I have my veg cabinet of plants going right now and noticed that the lower leaves are yellowing on my 3 week old plants and my clones wilting a little.
    I’ve been following the coco nute guide from General Hydro.
    Problem is my ph and ppm testers were left outside in the sun and now they’re not working. What can I do/add to help these plants while I wait for my new testers?
    Add epsom salt? Water more? Water less?

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  2. Does the instructions on the bottle not state how many ml of nutes per how many litres of water?
  3. Nitrogen toxicity is by best guess judging by the pictures.
  4. Yes I’ve followed their chart and have been for a number of grows but for some reason this one is yellowing on me.
  5. Too high of nitrogen or PH you think?
  6. Too high of nitrogen or PH you think?
  7. No way to tell without you having measured the pH value, I suggest you cut down on the fertilizers, feed it plain water and see if the symptoms goes away.
  8. I would raise the concentration a little or transplant to a bigger pot, it looks a little low on nitrogen and phosphorus to me
  9. Ok thank you. I check on them this morning and they’re worsening fast. But what I noticed it’s the heavier (by water weight) plants that are showing most of the symptoms. My two plants at the back are showing less and are not as bad. The large Center one is the worst but also feels heavily watered.
    First clone picture that’s showing signs is heavy also whereas the nice looking clone is fairly light and will need watered soon.
    Does this change anything? I’ve also attached my feed chart.

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  10. Yeah that's to be expected because without all the essential nutrients, the plant's biological functions will slow to a crawl. So drawing up water will not be as fast as it used to be

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