Bottom leaves yellowing/dying in veg

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  1. I have to do this from my phone so please be pations with me. For some reason I cannot upload pictures or anything either.I realize its harder to give me your opinion without pictures, but honestly, anything helps.

    This is my second grow. The first was ripped out of my closet when I was 17 because my mom found Luckily, that was long ago and I now have ky own place. My plant is nearly a month old. Bagseed from some headies I got a while back. I topped it successfully and then began LST. I have 8 tops that popped up and look very nice. It is still in veg.

    I use 5 42w CFL, but from 8 am until about 7 pm its outside as the sun is much more intense. Not sure about temp or humidity, but it seems reasonable. Unfortunately, I'm using MG soil AND MG nutes. I'm pretty broke until the beginning of this upcomming month and that's all I could get for basically free. I plan on flowering it early July for a better light setup but ill probably still continue putting it outside whenever it will cast a shadow. It's in a 1 gal pot but I plan on moving it to a 3 gal a few days before flowering. 24 hr light cycle and I water about every 3 days or so. I harvest rain water for it and only give it that. I just gave it some nutes nearly a week ago, I only plan on using it once a week tops. This problem started before the nutes though. It's relatively short, but that's probably because of the top then LST. I should probably mention this problem started happening before that as well.

    For a couple weeks now, I have noticed the lower fan leaves yellowing, Browning and eventually dying :(. I know those first tiny leaves fall off on their own but this seems like it just keeps going up. First pair of "fan leaves" after the smaller original ones didn't have its full amount of blades. Those shriveled and died, but the stems pointing in a diagonal direction from the point of origin are doing great and look like very healthy tops. Now the second pair of leaves with 3 blades total are starting to slowly die. I'm unsure what the ph is unfortunately.

    Can anyone give me any advice? Also, how would I go about transplanting from my 1gal pot to the 3gal pot with DIFFERENT soil? If possible, I would like to use a better soil when my funds are freed up in a couple weeks. I don't plan on harvesting much, this is more like a learning experience.

    Thank you!
  2. Bump. Please help someone...I just checked on my baby this morning and its risen to the 3rd set of fan leaves :(
  3. How strong of nutes did you give it? Sounds like its starting to get hungry. I'd transplant a week before flower so it has time to recover from shock.
    As for a better soil when you transplant. Fox farms ocean Forrest is a pretty popular one, I even used to use that.
  4. Thank you so much for your reply!

    I'm using MG. It's a blue colored salt texture type you mix with water.

    I just watered this morning after 3 days. It's been 5 days since I last fed her, so Sunday morning.
  5. It says 1 tablespoon per gallon for outdoor plants and 1/2 teaspoon for indoor. I put about 3/4 teaspoon per gallon since its only outside when the sun is bright.

    How much should I give it? Should I just pour the nute water like I do regular water? I usually water until some drips from drainage holes and stop.
  6. Uhhh I'm pretty sure you started off too strong and its burning her. I'd suggest a good flush and then let it recover and it should be all good in a week.
    It's best to start off at 1/4 or even 1/8 of the strength it recommends so your plant can get use to it, and then work your way up.
    Have you looking into deficiencies and eliminated them?
    Google images Marijuana Leaf deficiencies chart. And it'll show you.

    But really man, sounds like you gave it nute burn. Like I said, flush and she'll recover.
  7. Problem started before nutes :(. I was thinking maybe rootbound? I fed her this morning thinking she was hungry too :(

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