Bottom leaves yellowing at beginning of flower

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  1. So I believe I have narrowed it down to either a nitrogen deficiency or too much nitrogen what do you guys think I'm about week 1 or 2 into flower I am outdoors. Soil is a mix of perlite peat humus maneuer and potting soil. I haven't put any kind of fertilizers or bloom boost in them ever. PLEASE HELP, its progressing fast.

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  2. They look fine to me, especially organic, imho

    How can it be too much N if you haven’t added any?
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  3. I'm thinking it may be too much because of the amount of maneuver that is in there as well. Then again they probly would have had much more problems earlier on if that were the case. What is a good npk for early early flowering plants if I do want to up the nitrogen.
  4. I’m sorry friend, I’m organic. I just add more soil as my girls age. Oh wait I do freeze overripe bananas and boil them up into a tea to add some P :love-mj:
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  5. Yeah bud, you're on the opposite end of the spectrum thinking its too much nitrogen. They look healthy and happy. The lower leaves are the first to fade up and fall off during the start of flower and overall plant progression. I would assume since you have never added any ferts, the plant is just starting to use up what its been storing. Also as the plant gets taller, it gets harder for light to penetrate the canopy to keep all leaves photosynthetic and green.
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  6. Plants still need nitrogen during flower just not as much as it did in veg
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  7. An even paling/yellowing of the lower leaves is a clear sign of nitrogen deficiency. They do look healthy though. Just add some extra nitrogen supplement of some kind.
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