bottom leaves yellowing and dying

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  1. hey there, well overall my plant is doing great, bout the 4th week of flower, and the bottom leaves are starting to go from green to splotches of yellow then completeley yelllow and fall off. ive read up on it and some people say its nitrogen deficiency others say to much nutes and other too little nutes.. i cant make sense of it. i give the sensi bloom a and b about 2 mls per litre of each and about 2 mls per litre of Cal Mag supplement. i did a ph test and its between 6.5 and 7 . um not sure what else is needed to diagnose. i water only when soil is dried. lights are 400w hps. um yea and its a slow pregression from green to yellow takes a good 5-6 days for one leaf to completely yellow and a few more for it to fall off. so whatever it is cant be that far out. and its only the bottom couple leaves but seems to be slowly moving upwards. around middle top of pplant leaves are beautiful green no tips burnt no curls. man it can be so tough to diagnose. anyways hope somebody can help me figure it out.
  2. Lack of light possibly?I had the same problem last grow and never figured it out but I don't think it affected yield.
  3. The leaves will typically turn yellow and die off as the plants should be taking in less nitrogen and focusing all of its energy on the buds rather than the leaves. I wouldn't worry too much about it at this point, it sounds like you're doing everything right.
  4. thats good to hear. man i had so many problems with my last few plants, but it seemed to work the kinks out cuz this is my second go at it, and ive really been able to stay ahead of any problems. except the leaves yellowing, i thought there was something i was missing, but hopefully your right and its not a big deal. thanks for the advice
  5. Mine did the same thing

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