Bottom Leaves Turning Yellow And Dying

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  1. This is my first grow and it's been going very well so far! However, recently the bottom leaves of my plant are turning yellow and dying. About 2 leaves have already completely withered and died and some of the middle leaves are drying out at the ends. I've read everything from "It could be a nutrient deficiency" to "It's normal when plants start to get that big" so I thought I'd post some pics here to get feedback on my plant.
    I'm growing 1 White Widow plant in a grow tent under a daylight spectrum 125 watt CFL. It's currently about 4 1/2 weeks into veg and 11 inches tall. For nutrients I'm using MaxiGro. The package says 1 - 2 teaspoons per gallon. Since I have a 2 gallon bucket (not filled to the top of course, to allow room for the netted pot) I put in about 3 teaspoons. I was putting in 2 teaspoons when it wasn't so big. I am always checking to make sure the PH is correct and when it's off, I adjust it. I don't own a PPM meter.
    I'm wondering if they are just not getting enough light because they are at the bottom. Should I invest in a second CFL? I'm going to switch out this one for a warm spectrum CFL when it's time to flower and change the nutrients to MaxiBloom. Just wondering if I should be really concerned.
    Sorry, I don't know why my photos keep uploading sideways.

  2. Okay first I've got questions.

    1st grow I gotta ask to clarify. Is that a 125 watt cfl or equivalent to 125 watts?

    Only being 4 weeks old or whatever you shouldn't be having leaves yellowing up and dying off on you.

    To me that looks like major nutrient burn.

    I've used maxigro maxibloom and the koolbloom additives almost exclusively. I used some dutch masters for about 2 weeks but its not for me.

    I can tell you that you absolutely do not need to use anywhere near the full dosage for your plants.

    Maxigrow is a great product.

    For a 2 gallon bucket I'd only use a ¼ to ½ a tsp.

    Dump that bucket out and start with a ¼ tsp. I wouldn't go over 1 tsp ever in that bucket.

    Too much maxi makes your leaves melt. To me that's what that looks like.

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    Thanks for the insight! I will keep the levels of MaxiGrow lower now.
    The light I am using is this one:
    I didn't realize how much faster my plant is going through water now that it's getting bigger in a shorter amount of time. I checked the water right after posting last night and it was getting low, so I changed it out and can see an improvement already, at least in how lively it looks. The leaves were drooping down a bit last night but not anymore. I am now worried that I still have too much nutrients in it now that I've read your response. I'll keep an eye on it. I'm worried about changing the water out again so soon. Would it shock the plant, or would it be safe to switch it out again with less nutrients tonight?
    When do you think I should start to flower the plant? I know it will need some time to bounce back.
  4. Hydro is awesome.

    You can fix issues quickly without much shock to your plant.

    Flowering is up to you and your space and lighting.

    I'd dump the entire bucket and fill her halfway up the netpot asap.

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  5. Thanks again! I'm loving hydro. Finding it easy to spot issues and figure out what my plant needs.
    Debating on letting it grow closer to 2 feet before flowering. I know this strain is known to get tall and I do have the space for it to grow big.
    Exciting! :)
  6. Are you going to be using that singular cfl?

    They have basically 0 light penetration.

    What this means is that as you raise the light so the tips get hit the bottoms suffer from lack of light.

    You could supplement with additional cfls for side lighting.
    I'd research cfl grows and see what they are doing.

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  7. Just for a reference for ya...

    I'm using tap water which comes out at 180ppms.

    This plant in a 27 gallon bucket is sitting currently at 621ppms (- 180 ( so about 440ppms of actual nutes)) and its still rising daily.


    There have been a handful of leaves from the underside that have yellowed up and fallen off but that's mostly due to lack of light under the canopy.

    If you don't get a ppm meter and you really should you'll need to maintain some kind of schedule and get used to reading your plant.

    I would recommend picking a day to dump the bucket and feed. The following days I would top off with regular water and then repeat the process.

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    Thanks. I was wondering about if it's ok to top off the water when it gets low as opposed to replacing it so it's good to know I can top it off. I read that you replace it once a week but it does get low in between that. I usually replace the water every Wednesday.
    I do plan on buying a second CFL. Just budget has been making me hold out a bit. I definitely could not sustain more than 1 plant with my current light setup. I do like CFL lights though since they don't get that hot/heat up the room and they don't use as much energy as other lights.
  9. I too am growing white widow, I'm currently on day 15 of flowering. First, you need a bigger res than 2 gallons, she will out grow that in the next two weeks! Have u topped her? You'll see amazing undergrowth, and fast! YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED A PPM METER! Check my girl out...

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  10. I'm subbed in by the way to keep progress on your grow!

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