Bottom leaves get yellow and are dying. Recently switched to HPS and have many issues now

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  1. Hello!

    Some images that I've taken recently (sorry about the lighting): Probs

    Please note that I'm growing auto's.

    I've had four plants growing in 8.5L pots for almost five weeks. 4 weeks after planting they went into flowering so I switched to 600W HPS lights and am using a 18/6 light cycle. I'm using an AutoPot system with reservoir.

    This is my first grow and I accidentally gave the plants 10x the amount of nutrients during two weeks (two weeks of watering by hand, two weeks with the reservoir) and I had some issues (might still have, but I'm not sure) with a hot spot on one of my plants.

    When I switched to HPS I noticed the nutrient error, so I gave them the correct amount, which is what they've been on for 5 days now.

    However, today I noticed (it might have been there earlier, but I hadn't noticed) some of the big (sun?) leaves was getting yellow and most first real leaves have already died on the plants, but I haven't removed them yet.

    That's not all though, one of the plants top new leaves are pointing down like claws. It mostly happens on the side of the fan, so it could be wind burn. I turned down the fan this morning and I think that it's a bit better. However, there are some leaves on the other side of the plant that looks the same, but they are very few and I guess that it could be the air "bouncing" on the wall. At least I hope it's wind burn. All four plants use the same water.

    Oh, and they look droopy when the lights are off. One of the plants (not the one with clawed leaves) also got snapped off when it grew because I had trained it down too hard apparently (not when I did it, but it was snapped today). However, these things I've mentioned have been happening prior to the "snap". It was the top 5cm or so of the plants main stem that snapped. It can be seen in the last image on the link above.

    Oh, and it's light green where all the buds are growing.

    PH value in the reservoir is 6.5 and the water the plants stand in (due to the AutoPot system) is 6.4.

    To sum things up:

    I'm using: 600W HPS (was using 400W MH), AutoPot system with 47L water. Nutrients I use are GHE Flora Gro, Bloom and Micro.

    - Bottom big leaves are getting yellow
    - Bottom "first real" leaves have died
    - One plant has wind burn or maybe nitrogen toxicity (?) (fan is to the left in all images. I have another but it's farther away and shouldn't be an issue at all)
    - One plant has snapped at the top due to bad training
    - Light green-ish where buds grow

    Any help is greatly appreciated! What do you think about the above photos and my plants - how bad is it?

    I feel like I have a lot to do now. All this started *after switch to HPS from MH. Could this be because I was using 10x nutrients for two weeks and now the plants are used to it so the normal amount isn't enough? I don't know.

  2. Where’s the pics man
  3. There's a link at the top of the post. Maybe it's too early to notice. :)

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