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  1. I got a plant about 2 and a half feet tall and the bottom branchs are tall as the top of the plant.i was just wondering if the bottom branchs are going to steal all the food that going to the top and make the top buz smaller on top?the new growth on top is coming out yellowing dose this have anything to do with all the bottom branchs coming up to fast? Ty
  2. gotta love those tall bottom branches.:hello: the more the branches, the more the bud. i get rid of unwanted branches during the veg stage.
    the food will be distributed were it is needed by the plant itself.
    later on those branches may not be able to support themselves with all the bud they may form so youll have to come up with some method of support.
    good luck.........
  3. Ok thanks is that why there yellowing on top?
  4. what, just the top is yellowing? could be some sort of defientcy. got pics? easier to tell with pics...........
  5. Yah just the tops are yellowing where the new groths is coming out.I got pics but there on another thread(sick plants-tops of plant yellowing) and im not sure how to but tham on this want let me up load tham again?:confused:Can any1 help me with this?
  6. open your thread with the pics, right click and save the link, then post the link here.
    try this and see if this works..........
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  8. I read you are using Sensi AB, how much are you using per gallon? Long bottom branches rock, like Phyx says... more room for bud. Eventually you will probably have to add some stakes to support those badboys so keep a close eye on them for when they start to bend downward.
  9. week 1 800ppm 95ml 70 liters water week 2 120ml 70liter is that ok
  10. 800ppm is about right. I have heard of some people having problems with even that much but then again I hear of people using double that and still being fine. You certainly shouldn't have any defficiencies at that level. Have you checked your PH just to see if something funky is going on there?
  11. i ph my water at 6.2-6.5 but i dont ph my soil should i be doing that??
  12. Ya check the soil for sure, that is really the only place your ph really matters.

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