Bottles vs. Cans

Discussion in 'General' started by Bontog, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. When buying beer, do u prefer it in the 12oz glass bottle, or in a can?
  2. If I'm chilling looking for quality; bottle. If I'm at a party/on-the-go; can.
  3. Cans. Busch lights and bud ice tallboys that's how I roll.
  4. cans for me but its not like i hate bottled or anything
  5. Bottles as long as I have a way to get it open
  6. Bottles

    A really nice beer tastes better out of a bottle

  7. bottle for the good stuff can for the party shit.
  8. Cans if it's cheap and I don't care, bottles if it's some good beer. But then I usually just pour it in a glass so...
  9. Bottles

    P.S. I wish Coca-Cola still came in glass bottles. :(

    This thread reminded me of that for some reason.
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  10. Cans don't have a satisfying crunch a bottle has when you chuck it.

    Soda = cans. Soda tastes better off metal to me.
    Beer = bottle

  11. It does.. at least at the wal-mart by where I live they have coke in glass bottles, six packs. By the IBC root beer glass bottles and the cream soda.

  12. Holy shit you're right glass soda has a weird taste to it
  13. obviously on tap, followed by in a glass bottle, followed by can. Cans just dont do it for me i feel like i can taste the aluminum. You should make this a poll....
  14. bottled bud fo sho

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