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bottle terarium

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BongKR, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. alright soo i have a couple of seeds left over from a few bags soo i decided to put them in a bottle terarium, willthis work? anyone have anytips? i have a desk light, can i use that to get light? help me out. :smoking::wave:
  2. Pics of your plan. How big is this terrarium? Would the plant stick up out of the top or be completely inside?
  3. Give us a bit more information on what you have to work with, and you will need something a bit stronger then a desk light. You will need proper ventilation as well if its going to be in an enclosed space.
  4. uhh heres what im working with...1liter bottle filled 1/3rd of the way up, dirt from my back yard, put 3 or 4 seeds in it and pushed them about an inch down in the dirt and i put a lil bit of water from my tap, put the cap on the bottle and its in my window....
  5. I think, your gunna need a little more equipment...also you shouldnt throw more than 1 seed in per container as the roots get tangled. Read through some of the how to's. If it were as easy as your description, alot more people would grow...
  6. should i leave the cap on or not?
  7. Well they havent sprouted yet so I imagine leaving the cap on would only create a greenhouse effect for now but later (as Im learning in my thread) they will need the breathe better.
  8. i just knocked it over shit
  9. well, you can try it but don't expect much. whatever your light sorce is, you need the 18 hours of it a day. one inch under dirt is alot. you want a quarter inch. you don't want the sprout to give up cause it can't break ground. do put drain holes in the bottom. Don't expect to grow a smokable plant in a bottle. most people use closets. they are usually alot bigger than a soda bottle.
  10. im only gunna do the bottle untill it sproutes
  11. I actually had a similar idea. In the 7th grade I remember doing something similar for science class with a spider plant and assorted bugs from my backyard.

    Basically, the insects died, but the spider plant's still alive. I used a paper towel folded over 3 times for the cap and tied down with a rubber band.

    The roots are extremely tangled and there's hardly any room for the branches but the thing's still could possibly apply the same concept to your plant(s)?

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