Botched Jamaican Shower

Discussion in 'General' started by Predator1, May 27, 2006.

  1. So I tried a Jamaican shower tonight, which I had assumed was toking in the shower, was I wrong? Cause the waters been on for a while and it still reeks. Should I turn the water off? Or make it hot/cold?

    Also, forgive me if I have the Jamaican shower totally wrong, I made a stupid assumption. Anyways, what should I do to kill the smell before morning?

    Sorry if this isnt making sense im toasted
  2. I think you're talking about a Jamaican Hotbox.

    It's turning the hot shower on while smoking in a bathroom. You close off sources of air and the heavy steam sinks to the bottom of the room condensing the lighter smoke in the air, supposedly being a superior hotbox.
  3. I mean, are you going for stealth or just a way to get more fucked up off of one bowl?
  4. I mean the house being not-smelly by tomorrow
  5. Damn, this is my routine for stealth...
    1) Put a towel under the door
    2) Open a window
    3) Turn on fan
    4) Turn on shower and let it run
    5) Take a shower so all the shampoos and soaps stink up the bathroom
    6) Take your sweet ass time in the shower so the smell can go away
    7) Put on Axe/Deoderant/Cologne
    8) Walk out of bathroom with the window open
    9) Be stoned.
  6. Yeah take a normal shower, with soap and shit. Gets the room all clean smelling. Spray some axe or some shit and turn on a fan.
  7. Try to get as much smoke out the window, I got careless one day and heard this question from my mom "Why does it smell like pot in the hallway?". I quickly got alot more careful...
  8. But with the window pay attention because if the window was closed and all the sudden its open they'll wonder why.

  9. Na, I figure if they ask, i'll tell em i need it open so the mirror doesnt steam up, so i can shave.
  10. if you do it right , even without a window.. a bowl then a 20min shower and it wont smell at allllllllllll
  11. if your parents are giving you shit for opening a window while taking a shower. i recomend moving out right away. lol

    but yeah, blaze while the hot water is running and steaming up the room. blow the smoke out the window. DON'T blaze IN the shower. lol

    once your done blazing just wash up real nice and everything will be fine.
  12. I like to take a shower first, then blaze with the water still running. Showers tend to kill a little of my high, and plus after blazing I like to just chill and not have any obligations.
  13. If you want the smell to go away just spray some Febreeze or Ozone - it'll clear it right up. It's like 2 bucks a can.
  14. ahhhh, the botch.

    1. towel under door (no leak)

    2. run HOT water, make fog BEFORE you spark

    3. wait, then crack window, hop in shower

    I HATE leaks when im blazin in the sketch but shampoo usually gits er done

  15. For real, this is the same technique I use. It's a weird bathroom but we have a ceiling fan in there instead of the one that pulls the air out of the room and up to the roof. I just turn it on high and open the window and blow the smoke out. Always start the water before you start smoking so it gets a little steam built up. I've been smoking like this for almost a year and haven't got caught yet (jinx, 123).
  16. open all the windows u can


    cook some food

    whatever u can do, bro
  17. [​IMG]

    1) Turn water(shower) on hot(hot enough to steam up the room quick, but probably not the hottest it can get).

    2) Turn on built in ceiling vent.

    3) smoke.

    4) Take shower.

    5) Get food.
  18. called a hawaiian hotbox, seal the room and hotbox it while its filled with steam. I am so smart SMRT
  19. Dont worry guys, its been 3 years, my bathrooms aired out. Haha, i remember when i posted this.... Those were the days :smoking:
  20. You have to do it in the shower. I'll usually wash my hair first, go, and then finish up the rest of my body, get out, and finally, carry on.

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