Botched batch please help

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  1. I've made some concentrate from butane and water bathed my product and have now been vaccing that over Heat.

    In the past I've had batches honeycomb up and be nice and dry within a few hours. It seems this new batch may have gotten too hot it was honey combing at first but part of it was still looking sticky so I left it in the vac longer while I think the whole thing got a little hotter and ruined my whole batch. It is now all sticky and looking runny and bubbling a lot almost like its boiling.

    Is there any way to save this? Or turn it into something more desirable still? I've heard of people saying you can get it too hot and ruin the batch.

    Or am I under the wrong impression does it just need more time?

    I've been vaccing this for over 24 hours now. The material was pretty bad And my product came out very dark .

    Thanks for the help!
  2. This is really frustrating :/
  3. What were your temps? If its ugly you can re-dissolve it in isopropanol or ever clear and recook it again.
  4. My temp seemed to maybe go over 130F

    Can I just dump ISoropal all on it or how do I do the two above techniques you mentioned? Thanks for the help!!
  5. Hmmm 130 should be fine, I usually finish mine around 140.

    If it is crap though just take some 99% isopropanol and pour it in your dish (like 1/2 cup or so) and keep stirring it till the oil is dissolved, then you can either heat that to cook it down faster or just leave it at room temp until it evaporates.
  6. And what after it evaporates? I can revac it ?
  7. I don't think you need to vac it after that
  8. So what does pouring isopropyl into it do?
  9. It'll re-dissolve it making it possible to get any residual butane out and change the texture of it. Also it will evaporate completely.
  10. Do you end up with a soft sticky product? Is there any way to vac it after In hopes for a drier product or honeycombed or waxy product?
  11. Anyone know? Is there a chance to turn it into honeycomb again after soaking in alcohol and letting that evaporate? I guess I could just try...
  12. Try dissolving in alcohol and once its nice and dry, scrape it up and vac at 95 degrees for a few hours and see if its the consistency you like, if not keep pumping.

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