Botanicare vs GH Coco Bricks

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  1. Whats the difference?

    Anyone has anything good/bad to say bout either?
  2. Good question, as I want to give coco a shot! stores used to have it, but don't order it in now?
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    I don't know the difference between the brands but I am using GH Bricks.I think I washed and dried the GH coco about 4 times. I will also state that I am the one who posted pictures of my pots turning white, but I think that was from feed too much volume. At one time I was watering 1.5 gallons per feed/water session with Botanicare products. I have since cut my volume down to 1 to 3 quarts depending how much I want to run to waste. But alas it looks like the whote crap is coming back to some degree. Not as much as before but it is starting to show, Time for another darned flush.
  4. I think Ed uses the botanicare blocks. Says they're really good. I'm getting some myself. I think they come in a couple of different grades as well.
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    You guys suck! Can't get any of that shit here, along with a bunch of other stuff. I have to use shitty bag coco which i think is too fine, or no name bricks if i don't wanna fork out for canna. Which i don't, as it costs about twice the price as the stuff i get, and then there's the shipping... :mad:

    Anyone reading this tried canadian xpress max yield coco? That's the "shitty bag coco" which i use. Wanting some opinions on it as i think its too fine. Cut it with a good 30% perlite but i think the coco itself might be crap. Never had any other coco to compare it to
  6. I'm only getting the bricks because I don't want to carry the big 50L sacks into the house. The bagged stuff should be good.
  7. Ive used the cocogro blocks quite a few times and really like it. Its a real high quality.
    But most of the time I use some cheaper stuff called nutrifield which isn't bad but has some shitty long fibers and just isn't as clean looking as the botanicare blocks. I do put a bit extra runoff thru this stuff the first time or two though to kinda clean out the little crappy particles.

    That being said I've not noticed one being any better than the other when it comes to the girls health. I use botanicare nutes.

    As for the white stuff I get it too on some pots and some pots I dont. Haven't seen adverse affects at all. I do wash my smart pots at the laundry mat after every round though.
  8. Still difficult finding any CoCo around here, other than door,
    did see a big grow today, guy gave up on CoCO and went back to polystyrene 1/4" balls
  9. I usally get the cheapest coco I can find now......

    Lately I have been using 75% spagnum moss, you can get 4 yards compressed for like 16 bucks and 25% perlite, If you hurry, its still at home depot. I have used this mix for the last 3 grows and honestly cant tell a difference between it and the high dollar coco, or sunshine mix.

    The nicest thing about it is you can get all your median from home depot, and not have to look like a wierdo, backing your car up to the hydro shop. God I dont miss that.....

    I am running ebb flow tables, and even skimp on the rock in the bottom, I was using hydroton and again cant see a difference......

    I am lucky to have some land, so I trash it after each grow.. I would use the good shit if you plan on reusing it every grow, if not dont waste your money or risk the hydro store... I live in a non MMJ state, what about you??
  10. polystyrene balls, I have never heard of that, didnt find anything on search either. You got any info on it??

    Sounds cheap and can burn:hello:
  11. I wouldn't mind giving nutrifield a go but fucked if i'm paying shipping on bag coco. The stuff i use says "designed for New Zealand conditions".. wtf does that mean? Do they alter ph of the coco to work better with our tap water or what? Still trying to figure that one out..
  12. Anymore input on GH specifically?

    I'm happy with the botanicare blocks i've used in the past. I don't even pre rinse the shit i'm lazy as fawk and have never had any sort of issues period.

    Seems like there is a hydro and head shop on every corner in Washington. The newest is offering GH blocks at $5 cheaper than the the botanicare...
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    If something is not broke, do not try to fix it to save $5.00. Are you having issues with the Botanicare? I use the GH brand but find nothing spectacular about it and I imagine that the Botanicare coco is about the same, each being no better or no worse than the other. Now if you just want to experiment or try different things then give it a go and try the other brand.

    All growers need to keep in mind that suppliers(hydro shops and product vendors) are mostly like a car lot and most of the owners are like car salesmen in several ways. They always put something on sale, the on sale item is always hawked as being the newest and greatest, and the stores push hard the items they stand to make the most profit on. These days seldom are there any clearance sales.
  14. I've used both GH & Botanicare quite a bit, not much difference that I could tell. I did slurry tests on both after expanding with the same water, GH seemed a little higher with the ph - like maybe +.5 or so, but didn't seem to make any difference grow wise. Both were about the same in every other way that I could see.

    I stick with Botanicare because the shops here always have it in stock and I use their nutes so seems sensible to have a 'matched set' LOL

    I've tried about every brand I can find - even no-name crap on ebay. The only one I've really seen as problematic is the stuff at pet stores (they use it for reptile bedding), which of course they don't wash or prepare like the horticulture grade stuff.

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