Botanicare-Stains Roots?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by seymor skagneti, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Greetings Grasscity, just wondering because I've read folks infer Botanicare Pro Veg or Bloom has a tendency to stain the roots.
    True or False?
    How bad?
    I have some staining that has gotten progressively worse has I've increased
    PPM, I'm in week 4 now, a few real dark spots like somebody poked a sharpie at them, but over all the roots below the water line have a dark or tinted color to them, nothing feels slimy or smells, water temps have been in the low 70's, a few temp spikes up to 76'ish but not for more than a few hours.
    Anyone else experience a staining issue using Botanicare ?

  2. I use Botanicare nutes and the only time I notice my roots darkening or darkened is when I use Liquid Karma which is black and thick it looks like ink.
    Thats the only time I notice it and my roots are darker b-cuz of it.
    Post a pic and others will chime in.

    Not sure if this is helpful or not but thats my experience with Botanicare and I use only Botanicare and Dark Energy.
  3. 1st time doing hydro, turned out to be rot, I cut out the ugly and added some H2o2, guess I'm just gonna have to keep some on hand to battle this type of issue.
    Thanx for the response.


  4. Are your buckets taped up? any light leaking in? Have enough bubbles going on?
  5. I may have some light leaking in through the the hydroton I'll make some covers for them, had some high temps last week here in So. Cali that may have contributed to it, I have the biggest air pumps from wally world don't know off hand the CF, I may have been to laxed about it, didn't happen over night, it seemed staining from botanicare that I've read some folks complain about.
    All seems good now, I'll just have to stay on top of it.
    Thanx for the interest!
    Best Regards,

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