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  1. Hi guys I had some questions about botanicares liquid ferts Pureblend Pro and Gro, just lemme know what you think about them and how much you use when you feed. Thanks

  2. I love the stuff, its the only thing i will use... it is organic and very forgiving if you go over.... for soil i would use reccomended soil chart, which is usually 1/2 strength of the hydro stuff... Now when you feed i usually feed in waterings like this.... nutes.... nutes... wateronly.....nutes.....nutes.... water only..... 
    I had 4 plants last year outdoors that I fed with this stuff.. I had about a pound per plant.... ... just make sure the plants dont get undewatered... i seem to have a struggle if they do... 
    If you go botanicare for soil, liquid kharma is a must...
  3. hi man hows it going? I just recently finished a crop using pureblend in soil and was really pleased, it says on on thier bottles that you should feed everytime but i want ahead and did a water feed water..which tured out really nice. however im making the switch to coco, sodont know if i should use pureblend or thier kind line....and ive already been using LK, im just wondering if its important to use in coco
  4. Curious, how do you personally use liquid kharma? Seems to have a million uses according to the label haha

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  5. i just started using it as a foliar. outdoors I like to folair feed with a 1/2 strength pretty often. Not every day but every now and then... I saw it being beneficial...
    As far as nutrient additive I would add it in with the feeding. If you are doing soil, go by the back of the bottle. 
    I would start off with 1/2 strength everything when you start. Make sure your plants have decent roots. 
    I would water, then feed , feed, water, feed, feed, water... and I would wet the soil every other day..... does this make sense?
    you will need to get a feel for your own soil, but dont overwater, dont overfeed nutrients. too little is better than too much. And using organics its very forgiving. When i used it outdoor , I was growing GDP and it took as much as I would give here... I wasnt really able to nutrient burn the plants with just Base PBP grow.....  but some plants are very sensitive...
    sorry to rant, i just got some grape ape and im out there.... my brother passed out for 5 hours after hitting the "water pipe" for his first time in a year today... lol 
    basically you mix by the bottle. I always add it directly to the water, never mix up different nutes and additives at once.
  6. right on man that clears it up a bit and your right it is difficult to burn your plants with the stuff also LK is gentle too
  7. are you saying  if your still using coco the best way to feed is, water feed feed water?

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