Botanicare pure blend pro grow?

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  1. So I just ordered a big jug of this stuff cuz it works for veg and flower. Think i will be fine only using this? Maybe a little calmag and molassis here and there as well. Anyone?
  2. No way to even guess with no more info that you give. Soil grow? If so, keep this in mind. It's all about light....period. Nutes are nothing more than plant food and feed the plant. A good quality grow soil lessens the need for massive amounts of plant food. But light is the thing that forces plant growth and you've got to have it during the flower cycle to get a harvest worth a flip. Spend the money and buy a bag of good quality grow soil if you're doing a soil grow and you won't have to worry about nutes until further on down the line. Until then, you would help yourself greatly by finding a reliable source and reading up about the plant and how to take care of it with an indoor grow situation. The more you know about what you're attempting to do, the better outcome you'll have. Best of luck.
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  3. Im using Fox farm ocean forest soil
  4. If you're going to use a big jug of hydroponic nutrients why use fox farms? I'll never understand the soil + bottles method. It's more difficult then using promix/20% perlite and the same bottle. Then you have the control and the drainage/consistency of the medium is better. Now you have to guess when the soil is depleted and how much to use when that happens instead of just measuring and feeding the whole time.

    I'm a part time promix user. That stuff is the bomb for cannabis. My promix plants almost rival my DWC versions.
  5. I figure if im on a good feeding schedule id be fine. Maybe water nutrients water water nutrients water water nutrients etc. And just watch for deficiencies or burns
  6. Has anyone ever only used pure blend pro grow on one of there plants?
  7. I haven't used it but I have done experiments with a single bottle start to finish. I tried to use a "grow" nutrient as well but what happens is you get phosphorus deficiency eventually. Cannabis is a phosphorus hog. If you want to use a single nutrient for start to finish you need to have an NPK ratio that has roughly double the phosphorus compared to nitrogen and significantly more potassium then nitrogen as well.

    That's why the lucas formula recommends GH floranova bloom and not grow for start to finish. I use it on my veg plants and bloom plants for lazy in between water changes when I don't feel like getting out all my bottles. It works great for veg. It's 4-8-7.

    With pureblend grow being 3-2-4. I know you'll have phosphorus deficiency eventually in flower. Flora nova grow is 7-4-10 and I got phosphorus deficiency in late veg with that.

    What is Lucas Formula, and how do I use it?

    The cheapest way to grow with a single nutrient is General Hydropoinics Maxibloom. It's very cheap in bulk and all you need. GH floranova bloom is similar but slightly higher cost.
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