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    I am currently using the Canna line nutes and follow the "light feeding" schedule. It's too expensive foray grow so I am considering using Botanicare. I would get kind grow base bloom, I already have silica blast and cal mag, hydroguard, and use hydroplex as a bloom nute. I'd probably also get fulvex.

    Anyone had good results with this combo? Seems like their nutes are super high ppm so I can use 1/2 strength and the bottles will last longer.

    Or what about emerald harvest? Anyone tried them?

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  2. I started out using Pro grow/bloom and switched to Kind when it came out, its very customizable. HydroGuard is awesome stuff, never a root issue. I have used Earth Juice Micro and Catalyst with Kind and had great results.
  3. Is this stuff super concentrated? I am playing with the nutrient calculator on Botanicare websites and it suggests amounts that go 1500-2200 ppm in some weeks. I usually go around 700 during veg, and 1050 during Bloom, therefore it seems I could do them at very.low dosages to achieve my desired ppm.

    Does this seem accurate to you?

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  4. I only use the feeding schedules as a reference, I have rarely gone over 1000 ppm in all my years, I've gotten good at reading my plants and what they need, I start the first 10-20 days with no nutes or a quarter of what they say, then I slowly increase, a nutrient issue takes about 5-10 days to appear, look for changes in color and especially the leaf edges. Most issues are pH or calcium related. I would say my average ppm is around 800-850.
  5. Oh and I shake the hell out of my nutrients and only add one nutrient at a time, don't combine them together. Also refrigerate or keep nutrients in a dark cool place, they will last a bit longer
  6. Ok.

    The calculator is telling me in a 2.25 gal resovour 8 ml of kind grow will be 242 ppm, 8 ml of Bloom will be 396 and 15ml of base will be 520 = total of 1158 ppm.

    Does that seem right? That is REALLY low dosages achieving really high ppm. I would probably do almost half that if it's accurate.

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  8. So do you think their numbers on the calculator are wrong, or do you think I can just use it at super low dosages. The only other calculator I've used is Canna, and it is pretty much spot on.

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  9. I think lower will be fine, its always easier to add then to take back, these schedule don't account for growing styles or strains for that matter, Botanicare uses tomatoes to research their products, only one maker actually uses cannabis to test their products on, I think Canna may be the other that does also.
  10. A quick check, Advanced Nutrients, Canna and Remo all use cannabis in their r&d, all in Canada, the U.S. doesn't allow research.
  11. I just ordered the kind grow base bloom. I'll try it!

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  12. You will be pleased with it, and you won't need calmag.
  13. I read that. Eliminate the cost of an additional nute. I'm just trying to save money.

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  14. I will probably use the kind, then hydroguard, then hydroplex for bloom. Ill probably get fulvex and I got silica blast when necessary.

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  15. Will hydroguard semi replace rhizotonic?

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  16. I am stuck between CANNA and botanicare also!

    I am also stuck between what LED to go after.

    Both needed to be decided last week as my seeds will be here next week.

    How has botanicare treated you so far?

    Did you see a huge savings after getting your full line switched?

    What all did you add exactly when you went to botanicare?

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