Botanicare good bad any thoughts?

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  1. I am using botanicare neutes grow ripe calmag liquid karma and aquashield.I am starting a new grow. just wanted some thoughts about their product?and any additional addatives i should use
  2. I have uses the Pure Blend Pro Grow and Bloom plus the Liquid Karma in my indoor regimens for years its great stuff. :). I definitely recommend it and the silica blast I also use.
  3. ok so i harvested my first crop and its crap. i will never use this botanicrap again. its all laef and hairs but no real bud. i used 2000 watts of hps and a couple co2 bags.i guess it has to be the neutes.Thanks alot to the idiots at my local hydro shop that push botanicrap. i just wasted 1000 dollars on power and nuetes.
  4. Definitely not the nutes
  5. I use botanicare, have for a couple years now, with great results.
  6. Great products!
    I'm guessing your strain if you think you had 'everything' else dialed
  7. In your first post you said you're starting a new grow and wanted opinions on Botanicare. 8 days later you already harvested? Little confused here.

    And as others have said, it's not the nutrients fault.
  8. Learn to grow scrub!
  9. im starting my second grow and i was wondering what experience others have had, because my experience was not great with my first round
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    What were the problems with the first grow?

    I can say right off when your new to growing "me included" you think killer awesome nutrients will = awesome killer buds.It doesnt hurt,but one trap new people get into is thinking the plant needs fert every watering,and at strong doses.

    When I start a new strain especially I start the first feeding at 1/4-1/2 strenght recommened,and from then on I let the plant tell me when to feed it.I never feed it asssuming the plant needs food.This is very important IMO.

    In veg your plant will start to get very light green to almost yellow on the new growth at tips of branches.Now be careful here cuz most new growth is a bit lighter in color,but when it needs food it will gradually spead out to the other leaves around it fairly uniformly.In flower just go by the upper leaves.Never go by yellowing at the bottom of your plant.that is perfectly normal,and to be expected.Infact those dieing leaves are still contributing to your plant.The plant is using the rest of the what it can from them,and thats one reason they are yellowing.

    The other part,and even more important is PHing your water every time before you give it to your plants.Not if its just a regular non-food watering just feeding times.As long is your between 5.8-6.2 your alset.Well thats not entirely true.I'm lucky my plain water PH's at 6.0.So you may need to PH your plain water with PH up,and or PH down.Which also is used to balance your water when it has nutes in it.

    I find one of the first signs your starting to have issues is brown leaf tips.That indicates the start of nute burn,a PH issue,or a combination of both.When you see this just water plain water for the next few waterings as long as it stays to the tips.If more burning/browning of the leaf occurs flush immmediatly.

    In the end its really just about having that good PH range,and feeding the proper amount of food at the proper times.I feed way,way,way less now compared to when I started.

    This may also interest you about 4 posts down he lists a good starter mix.

  11. botanicare is good, I would not veg with anything else
  12. I had a problem with heat stress. i and i had a ballast blow on ,me so i went form 1000w to couple flourescent tubes for a week or so and then back to 1000w hps. i am using a ebb and grow set up. i think my biggest issue is i started with hydo and i shuld have started with bud is very airy and doesnt have very many trichromes and it smells funny not really like weed all though it is very stoney.oh and i started with female clones and i am finding a few seeds so i guess it hermed on problem now is i cant find a shop that will take my meds so i am stuck with a P that no body wants and i cant get back at it until i pay this damn light bill. i have 5 plants under some flourescents but i cant start running 2000w without getting som cash to pay the light bill.Oh xdisciplex and thanks for helping and not acting like a DICK like some other people on here.sometimes people forget that we all had to start somewhere
  13. No worries greenbayfan, listen I have been doing this for a long time and I still have problems from time to time. please feel free to ask me any questions you have. Lets start by asking if you are using a digital or older style magnetic ballast. Both work fine but with the digital you can run a metal halide bulb in veg without have to have a whole other ballast which is nice. Hydro is actually simpler than dirt once you dial it in. Water temps, pH and oxygen are the key to good hydro production. Lights should be 18 to 24 inches above top of plants. bug me for more info if you need
  14. Panrod i actually have 1 1k magnetic and 1 1k digital. the magnetic is switchable, the digital might be theirs no switch on it so i would have to check the book. i only used hps.

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