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  1. Ok so after my root growing above the medium, I had to physically move the seed to the right position. It worked and now I have a nice sprout. Sprouted yesterday 1/25/14 . In soil I didn't have to worry about feeding for the first month .

    I was planing on starting my feeding when I had two sets of leaves(not including cotylons). Should I just start now ? Experienced guys any pointers ?

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  2. Wait at least a couple set of leaves, and start off at like 1/4 strength and work up from there. You got at least 6 weeks till pre flower so heaps of time.Sent from my C6903 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. I use cns17 grow. I found that mixing up weak doses (1/4-1/2 recommended) of fert + micronutes you use, and watering every other day or even every day (more frequently) has been working pretty good...this is my first time doing coco though but have not had really any problems yet..
  4. Liquid Karma has been a great first nutrient in small dosages...has that sea kelp extract for rapid growth.. I tend to jump into feeding with sooner than most lead on.. with fine success even just at an 1/8 of recommended after the liquid karma.. superthrive can be used early too.
    I charge( 5.4 ph,  50% base nute,  plennnty of cal/mag) coco when breaking up the bricks to get through the first few days before the initial watering.
    Remember.. coco has nothing.  It's absolutely inert medium that does not ionize calcium and magnesium like soil.

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